Giving Tuesday

I’m sure everyone has heard of the infamous BLACK FRIDAY, which consists of bombardments of people hitting the stores in order to receive discounts. This annual holiday has even transpired onto the evening of Thanksgiving with many stores opening at 10 pm on Thursday. Many shoppers exclaim that the experience of shopping during the dreaded black Friday is what causes them to rise during the wee hours of the morning.

Then with the addition of technology a new holiday emerged known as CYBER MONDAY. Instead of waking up to hit the stores, people are awakening at early hours to shop on-line because of the special offers like free shipping and 50% off select merchandise. The convenience of discount shopping from the luxury of your own bed, this is the epitome of American society.  The stores aim for the impulsive nature of most Americans, and attempt to claim more dollars from your wallets with just the click of a button. Many store websites became overloaded on Cyber Monday because of all the business. I have to confess that I did my own little shopping spree on Cyber Monday because some of the deals were just too hard to pass up ;-)

In all the craze of buying gifts, and thinking of material possessions, most individuals did not realize that in fact Tuesday is a new holiday within the Thanksgiving weekend spectacle. GIVING TUESDAY is a day where everyone is encouraged to give donations to their favorite charities. In the true spirit of Christmas, it seems only fair that a day be designated to generosity and faithfulness to those in need. I’m only hoping that people saved enough monetary funds to give, instead of just buy.


The fact that there is a new holiday now known as GIVING TUESDAY makes me feel inspired. In a world where hatred and animosity are still a daily occurrence, I’m hopeful for the future. It seems that many are still determined to make this world a better place for future generations. There is a multitude of people that are hurting, sick and in need at this very moment. Not only are they millions of miles away, but they are in your own neighborhood. Every person needs a helping hand at some point in their lives. There are multiple non-profit organizations and charities that are in financial need in order to create a difference in the world.

I ENCOURAGE every person to give at least one dollar to a charity today. Think of how many things you spend one dollar on, but with GIVING TUESDAY you know that your dollar will be united with other dollars to make a transformation in this world. Don’t just consider doing it this week, but all of the weeks throughout this holiday season.

Giving is such a rewarding experience, and it’s worth the sacrifice.

These are a few charities that are participating in GIVING TUESDAY:





I hope that this inspires you to give…

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