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 “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world.

For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of working with the Sandtown Habitat for Humanity in Baltimore City. It was an exhausting day, but full of excitement!

We began the day by getting suited up for our insulating adventures. Unfortunately, insulation irritates the skin and work suits/masks were required for our task. Most might complain about the unfashionable apparel, but our group lived it up!

As we were about to head into the row home to start insulating, we were redirected to a different location to load styrofoam sheets into a house. It took us multiple hours to get the whole load into the row home. Our group along with another school group had to work together to fill every single spot of the house with these styrofoam sheets.


After we finished this tedious task, we were able to experience the dedication of a completed Habitat for Humanity house. We witnessed a man being handed the keys to his new home. He spoke and said that Habitat for Humanity made his dream a reality. It’s amazing knowing that our intensive labor and service was part of making someone’s dream come true :-)

Next, we returned to our original location and started insulating the ceiling on the third floor.  It was extremely hot, but we all diligently worked until there was no more insulation to finish the job. We climbed ladders, and stapled each piece of insulation into place. For me, insulating was a new skill and I was excited to learn all about it!

Our whole group felt so accomplished as we reflected on our day. We were determined to make a difference, even if it was in a small way. As we completed our day of service, it was so rewarding! It was wonderful to know that deserving families would be moving into the houses we were working on. Each family has such strength and perseverance in the face of darkness. A new home will become a vibrant light in their lives.


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  1. Ben Boehl Says:


    I’m with the Dundalk Eagle and I would like to write a story on your blog for CCBC. When is a good time to reach you for a phone interview?

    Ben Boehl
    The Dundalk Eagle newspaper
    410-288-6060 ext. 26 •

  2. Farsightneargo Says:

    I’m amazed that I missed this the first time round. Congratulations on the post and perspective.

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