Quote of the Week!

I have hopes that this quote will help you to know that hard work is necessary to achieve success. As the semester comes to an end, it is easy to give up. However, if you just stay focused a few more weeks you can make the grade that you want! No one ever said college was easy, but your strength to persevere will pay off at the end! :)


The Phi Theta Kappa Convention in Nashville!


This past weekend I attended the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. What an amazing experience!

My love for Phi Theta Kappa has always been strong but this convention was the peak of my experiences as a Phi Theta Kappa chapter officer. The convention had over 4,000 attendees! When I walked into opening ceremonies on Thursday evening, the music was loud and everyone was dancing and jumping around. The energy was so high, higher than I ever expected. We were welcomed by the international officers and Phi Theta Kappa Executive Director, Rod Risley. From that moment on, I knew the event would change my life.

For the next couple days, the other officers and I spent much of our time in general sessions and seminars on how to make our chapter more successful. There were also sessions on money management in college and how to be an active alumni. Phi Theta Kappa had recruited some great guest speakers from all around the world. While sitting in these seminars and sessions with thousands of other students, one thing was evident. The guest speakers connected to each and every one of us. Everyone’s eyes were focused on that same person. In that moment I realized how 4,000 people are able to unite. While we all have different lives, but one thing unites us, and that is Phi Theta Kappa. To feel so close to all of those people was truly amazing. Every one was so encouraging of each other. While the energy was indeed high with excitement, it was also warm with friendship.

I had never felt anything like it before. The happiness of being around so many students like me almost brought tears to my eyes. The convention empowered me to come back to campus ready to tackle the last few weeks of the semester. On my plane ride home Sunday, I realized that I was coming home with more than just confidence. I came home with many new friends and connections within the organization. I also came back with a closer bond with my own officer team. The experience was just remarkable. I am in awe of what I experienced there and all of the people I met who have made Phi Theta Kappa a lifestyle.

Phi Theta Kappa has changed my life and I have seen it change so many others. I would encourage every one to look into their campus’ chapter. Learn about the requirements and it’s benefits, I promise you will not be disappointed. When you join Phi Theta Kappa you are investing in yourself as a student. What better investment can you make? It is more than just an honor society.  Phi Theta Kappa is a family!



Quote of the Week!


This week I attended a guest speaker event at CCBC. Dr. Wubbolding, a renowned psychologist, came to the Essex campus to talk about Reality Choice Theory in terms of completing a college degree. All of his tips were great, however, there was one in particular that stood out to me. If you define your goals, you are more likely to achieve them. So here is to having goals everyone! :)

Humility in College

Being at CCBC has taught me a lot about being humble and having regard for other’s feelings. That is why this week I would like to talk a little about being humble at college…

Humility is a warm word. It is a word that brings a smile to the face. Humility is not generally a word that has to be looked up for the definition. Humility is about being open minded and encouraging. A humble person usually finds other people very interesting and are interested in what they think and say. Humble individuals do not have the same level of self-importance as those lacking the characteristic of humility. The best example is the act of a soldier leaving none of his men behind. You will experience many similar situations in college. If you are looking to be an example for others or a leader in a club, humility is key.

When I first began college I found it hard to be humble. Everyone seemed to brag on themselves and when I had accomplished something I felt like doing the same thing. It took me a while and a few good people to help me out of that phase. In college, we encounter a lot of competition between students. Especially for scholarships and leadership positions in clubs and organizations. When you are not chosen for something is it hard not to be disappointed, upset, or even angry. On the other hand, if you do receive a position or award it can be hard to contain your excitement and you may portray the wrong ideas. For instance, bragging isn’t very attractive. Therefore, you should learn how to properly speak of your accomplishments.

Below are some tips that I have collected through my college experiences. There are some to help with both sides of the situation.

1. Jealousy is ugly, don’t let anger get the best of you: With so many social networks nowadays it is hard not to vent about disappointments in college. I have seen many students direct posts towards other students who perhaps got the scholarship that being sought. Let me say, your angry post is not going to make anyone feel sorry for you. It is just going to draw attention and I can assure you, others know who you are talking about. What you are showing is in fact the lack of humility. Although you are upset, try not to lash out. Rude words are not that of a leader.

2. Be happy for others: In many situations you may be competing against students you know. Some may even be close friends. This brings tough situations. In the end though, it is important to encourage others. Congratulate them. You want to make them feel the way you would like to feel if in their position. In addition, professors and administrators that see such encouragement will really be impressed. Should they see your anger, you are only justifying their decision to choose the other candidate. The more you are happy for others, the better you will feel.

3. Don’t boast or brag: When you are trying to make yourself seem better then someone else it is always noticeable. Should you be applying for something or have received an award it is important to still show humility. A humble person doesn’t post or talk about every single good thing that comes his or her way. However, if you do like to talk about things a lot, my best advice is to talk to your parents! They will never be the ones competing with you and they will always love to hear you brag about your accomplishments! Anyways, the best way to avoid conceitedness and bragging is to “share” your happiness. Let your good news and excitement inspire you to motivate others. This leads me to my next point…

4. Talk with thankfulness and encouragement: It is important that you thank those who helped you get to that point, whether it be your student body or your administrators. They will appreciate that you noticed that they were a part of your accomplishment. Should you have been chosen over other students you know, it is very important to encourage them to continue their hard work. They may be upset at first, therefore it might be best to wait a few days to talk about it. However, once you finally get the chance do not talk about yourself and why you think you got the award. Talk about the other person’s accomplishments. Give them a boost of self-esteem. Show them that you are HUMBLE.

In conclusion, I hope you will think about humility and my tips to keep you humble when difficult situations come about. I know it is hard sometimes but be the better person! It always pays off! :)

Quote of the Week!


I picked this quote because I think it can be applied to a lot of situations that a student may encounter in college. This quote can be referring to something different for each individual who reads it. For instance, it might be referring to a difficult assignment or becoming a new member in a club. Either way I hope you will find it to be helpful :)

Spring Break 2012

 Hi everyone!

For Spring Break 2012 I will be in the Florida Keys. I will be staying in the little island of Islamorada, which is one of the most quiet and serene.

I hope you will find my image below to be relaxing while you are enjoying your own spring break.

A little piece of Florida from me to you! :)

My goal this year is to relax and de-stress and being in Islamorada will help me I’m sure.

I won’t be taking my laptop this year, so I will be sure to share my enlightening experiences and photos when I get back!

Remember….the best time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.


One movie everyone should see…


This past week I came home from a stressful day and unknowingly found the cure to my stressors. I ended up turning on the television and watching the movie Soul Surfer. What an inspirational movie!!

Soul Surfer was based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm in a shark attack while surfing. Bethany was a very talented surfer before the attack but shortly after she found herself with many challenges. Although the loss of her limb led to struggles with basic functioning such as getting dressed, Bethany’s greatest concern was getting back in the water. She did not understand why this happened to her and was distraught. Like many of us probably would, Bethany lost hope. She was faced with the possibility that she would never surf again. While Bethany was taking time off from surfing, she visited a country which was experiencing hardship and destruction due to a tsunami. Upon arrival, Bethany realized that her challenges were not as big as those that others are facing around the world. She saw that even though the people of the country had nearly nothing, they still had hope.

NOW, I don’t want to give to much away but I especially liked the movie because it teaches you to find strength within, inspiration in others, and also helps to form new perspectives on your own challenges. At the end of the movie, I realized that the challenges I face are nothing compared to what others are facing, especially in my college community.

The movie also addresses other aspects that I found to be very helpful and important. These aspects related a lot to my college experiences and past experiences. They are life lessons that are always worth learning. These aspects were:

-Competition between friends

-The strength of the family support system, and;

-What really defines beauty

Overall, the movie had some very powerful messages. I hope everyone will find the time to watch it. In fact, the best time would be when you are in doubt :)


Quote of the week!

Never let someone else’s actions or words distract you from your goals and ambitions. AND- never under estimate the power of ONE.

Quote of the week!

This quote, by Ralph Waldo Emerson, really hits home for me. I often find myself distracted with things that happened in my past or worried about what is ahead of me. However, I truly believe that if you find strength in yourself you will be able to achieve what ever it is that you desire.

Being a Community College Student

So this week, I would like to talk about being a community college student…

I have to admit, during my senior year of high school I really thought that the only colleges that would be able to offer me the things I wanted were 4-year universities. I am aware that many individuals have this opinion. However, I am working very hard at CCBC to let others know that being a community college student is ok. In fact, it is more than ok! I get really discouraged at the fact many think community college is just for students who cannot afford to go to a 4-year OR think that it is just a place for students who don’t have the grades. In fact, a lot of community college students do not fall into either of those categories.

I want to reassure all of my fellow community college students that YOU are doing the right thing. These are the reasons why I feel that going to community college is one of the BEST decisions you will ever make.

1. It gives you extra time to get noticed and stand out: If you didn’t do too well in high school but know that you could have done better, this is your chance! CCBC extends welcome into all of their clubs and organizations, no matter what your past may hold. Once you start getting involved, take on leadership positions. These positions will help you network and build bridges. Beginning at a huge 4-year institution is hard. You become so overwhelmed with trying to find your way around campus that getting involved may seem almost impossible. Take advantage of such a close knit college!

2. The classroom settings are smaller, allowing you to network better: You you will also meet professors who genuinely care about their students success. Your professors will notice your accomplishments and become your source for recommendation letters. Some may even nominate you for awards on campus. CCBC’s small classroom settings are perfect for forming relationships with staff who will really get to know you! You will find that your recommendations won’t sound generic, but that they come from the heart.

3. You are saving MONEY!: If you are denied for your first choice college, my best advice is to attend community college and get your Associates degree THEN transfer. I have many friends from high school that went on to big universities that weren’t at the top of their list. The interesting fact was that they all came home or transferred to another college. Many of them having to retake classes or take extra classes in order to stay on track. Why pay a lot of money for college that you aren’t fully interested in? It doesn’t make sense. Oh, and chances are you will also save money on gas too, since community college are in your COMMUNITY!

4.  There are SO many scholarships available: At community colleges there are so many opportunities to apply for scholarships. Community colleges strive to give scholarships to as many students as possible. Unlike 4-year institutions, you do not have to have an absolutely flawless transcript and be a double major, you just have to be a normal student who has the motivation to succeed. The scholarships given from community college may seem like they are only given in small amounts. Contrary to what many believe, those couple scholarships you received will really add up since your tuition is SO much less than that of a 4-year institution. In addition, if you are in the college’s honor’s program or Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, you get GUARANTEED money to your transfer institution once you graduate. Most of the time those transfer scholarships cover a third if not half of the college’s tuition!!!

5. Advice and knowledge for your future: This is a crucial part of why community colleges are so great. The advising office is so easy to contact. You can actually physically go meet with someone. Most of the time no appointment is even necessary! I know for a fact that 4-year institutions lack in this area. Your first 2 years of college are super important and you need to know exactly what you need to do to graduate on time. You need to be able to have access to someone who has the answers to your questions right away. Well – CCBC offers that. I have found more information about transferring through my advisors and professors at CCBC than on the actual university pages themselves. Not only are the advisors great, but the administrators are really in touch with their students. If you get involved and do the right things, you will end up forming a bond with an administrator, such as one of the college deans. Our administrators are never out of reach and will always try to aid you in your endeavors. They strive to give back to students who have given so much to CCBC.

In conclusion, I just want everyone to be proud to be a CCBC or community college student. Don’t let stereotypes get you down. As long as you know that you are making the most of your experience in a way that is affordable to you, that is what truly matters :)