My last semester at CCBC….

To begin, I will be closing out my blog for the spring semester on Friday, June 1st. I will be blogging for the summer, but only 1 or 2 blogs a month. I will write postings about community events, my new job experiences, and other ways to get involved. I hope you will still continue to check out my blog! I was also asked to blog for the Essex edition of the online newsite, Patch. I hope to start my blogging for them during the summer as well!

Anyways! What a great semester! :)

Over the 2 years I have been here, I have met so many people that inspired me and made my CCBC experience a great one. I have gone to countless college events, club meetings, induction ceremonies, and banquets. It is really amazing to look back on all the things I have done and all the people I have met. However, this past spring semester has definitely been my most memorable.

The CCBC Ambassador program led me to my position as a student blogger. CCBC’s student ambassadors are a unique and incredible group of students! I really wish I had discovered the program earlier during my time here at CCBC. Because of the program- I have formed great contacts with college administrators and faculty, had many opportunities to help with college events, and was given the chance to be recognized at the student life awards banquet. Needless to say, I recommend the program to everyone!

In addition, there is a bigger picture that I would like to illustrate for you. That is- you get out of CCBC what you put into it! CCBC has so much to offer, you just have to find the motivation in yourself and want to make a difference for yourself and for others. Being a student leader holds so many benefits. Student leaders are not just officers of clubs or ambassadors. Student leaders are peer mentors, alternative spring/summer breakers, honor students, Phi Theta Kappa members, club members, and finally just plain students. The feeling that you have made a difference in your life and someone else’s is so rewarding. Allow yourself to be rewarded!

If you are remaining at CCBC for future semesters, I encourage you to check out the Student Life office, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and the CCBC Honors Program. The biggest mistake that students make is thinking that they do not have what it takes to become a student leader. I once though that about myself, but CCBC changed all of that for me. I will now be moving on to a 4 year university with a full scholarship thanks to CCBC, it’s faculty and administrators, and my own hard work. It is never too late to make a new beginning for yourself. All you need to do is invest in yourself and be passionate about your dreams. When you have the want to make something happen, you will!

If you are graduating, congratulations! You completed your degree and you are moving on to do even better things. Your graduation and degree completion is something to be proud of! As I said before though, keep your success going. Success is not a destination, it is a journey. Let your graduation stand as a new beginning for you…Oops, wait! I don’t want to give too much of my graduation speech away! See you there! :)

Remember- “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, I’m possible!”

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