Job Interview Tips!

This week I am encouraging everyone to check out the CCBC Career Services Facebook page. They post great tips for improving your resume, boosting your interviewing skills, and utilizing your college education in the workplace.
The tips below were posted on their Facebook page this Tuesday. They are all tips that you should follow when interviewing for a job position. I think these are tips that everyone can benefit from!
“Here are seven things you most certainly need to avoid if you want your interview to result into a job offer:
1. DON’T ask about the benefits and vacation time: Starting off your interview by asking about what the company can do for you will make it look like you just want to get the best possible deal out of them. These details can be worked out later on, but the first round is certainly not t…he place for these questions.

2. DON’T ask about the salary: This is your first round, so don’t start negotiating the salary right away. Wait till they offer you the job.

3. DON’T ask how much overtime you will be expected to put in: This one makes you sound like an employee who is just waiting to punch out as soon as it’s 5:30. In today’s economy, many employees are working extra hours just to keep their jobs. Also, don’t say things like “I have a very active social life” or “I moved to this area for its great outdoor activities”.

4. DON’T ask about the telecommuting options: Remember, telecommuting and flexible timings are a privilege and not a right. If the company allows telecommuting, consider it a bonus. These details can be worked out with your manager once (and if) you join the company.

5. DON’T talk about some other job that you would like to do: By now people know that talking about another job/career at an interview is a strict no-no. But many people still make a big mistake by talking about how they would like to move into some other department or role within the company. The interviewer is not there to fulfill your career goals; he is there to fill the position that you are interviewing for.

6. DON’T start with saying “I know I don’t meet your…”: You have been called for an interview. The interviewer has already seen your resume. This means they already see you as a potential employee. If you feel that your lack of qualifications and experience could be an issue then talk about that in a positive language. No need to berate yourself.

7. DON’T leave the interview because you “got stuff to do”: If the interviewer wants to extend the interview, wants you to take a test, or just delays the interview, then play along. If you have an interview scheduled, keep the next few hours on your schedule free, just to be on the safer side. There are people who have sent out hundreds of job applications and not gotten a single interview. Get the most out of your interview.”


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