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This past week I came home from a stressful day and unknowingly found the cure to my stressors. I ended up turning on the television and watching the movie Soul Surfer. What an inspirational movie!!

Soul Surfer was based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm in a shark attack while surfing. Bethany was a very talented surfer before the attack but shortly after she found herself with many challenges. Although the loss of her limb led to struggles with basic functioning such as getting dressed, Bethany’s greatest concern was getting back in the water. She did not understand why this happened to her and was distraught. Like many of us probably would, Bethany lost hope. She was faced with the possibility that she would never surf again. While Bethany was taking time off from surfing, she visited a country which was experiencing hardship and destruction due to a tsunami. Upon arrival, Bethany realized that her challenges were not as big as those that others are facing around the world. She saw that even though the people of the country had nearly nothing, they still had hope.

NOW, I don’t want to give to much away but I especially liked the movie because it teaches you to find strength within, inspiration in others, and also helps to form new perspectives on your own challenges. At the end of the movie, I realized that the challenges I face are nothing compared to what others are facing, especially in my college community.

The movie also addresses other aspects that I found to be very helpful and important. These aspects related a lot to my college experiences and past experiences. They are life lessons that are always worth learning. These aspects were:

-Competition between friends

-The strength of the family support system, and;

-What really defines beauty

Overall, the movie had some very powerful messages. I hope everyone will find the time to watch it. In fact, the best time would be when you are in doubt :)


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  1. lut659147 Says:

    Loved the movie Soul Surfer! It truly is inspirational. You touched on all the core concepts the movie was trying to express :-)

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