Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace, Now located near you!

This past week I had the chance to eat at Bobby’s Burger Palace (BBP), which is located inside of the brand new Maryland Live! Casino. The Burger Palaces were designed by Chef Bobby Flay of the Food Network.

The Bobby’s Burger Palace that I visited is just one of 10 Burger Palace’s located along the East Coast! This Burger Palace is special though, it is the 10th and the biggest! It is the only Burger Palace with a full bar that serves as a hangout for the restaurant’s guests.  It is also the 2nd BBP to be located inside of a casino setting. The first Burger Palace opened 4 years ago in a shopping center and each of the following Burger Palaces were built in close vicinity. Flay explained that he wanted the restaurant’s to be close together so that the staff of each one would be close knit. He also explained that he wanted to be able to visit all of his Burger Palace’s when arranging a visit to one.

Flay owns and operates many other high end restaurants in New York. When asked why he decided to opened a burger joint, he said, “I was a burger kid, and I am still a burger guy.” Flay told us that burgers were a key part of his childhood and that he still remembers his favorite burger joint, JG Melons, which is located in New York City. Flay also explained that another motive behind the Bobby’s Burger Palace chain, which was to give his fans a chance to eat food created by him without having to travel to New York or pay high end prices.

Now, onto the food! Flay looks for consistency in his product. He wants each burger at each Burger Palace to taste the same. Bobby’s Burger Palace uses only the best ingredients for their delicious burgers. The Burger Palace’s use Certified Angus Beef with a ratio of 80% beef and 20% fat. The burgers are then griddled when enables it to be cooked in its own juices. Flay’s burgers are cooked to medium or medium rare, unless the customer requests otherwise. Next is the cheese, which Flay feels is the most important part of the sandwich besides the burger itself. The cheese should be melted completely! In each of the Burger Palace kitchen is a sign that states, “Bobby says melt the cheese completely.” The cheese actually led toFlay’s idea for his famous Cruchburger. Flay explained that when he was younger he always enjoyed eating the chips that the cheese on the burger melted onto. Flay states that contrast in texture is important to good food. Therefore, he added thin crisp chips to his classic burgers to make the eating experience that much more enjoyable. Next is the bun. “The bun with holds the burger is soft,” said Flay, “it should become part of the burger itself.” BBP offers a variety of burgers, each having its own special list of ingredients; all of them can be crunchified!!

Flay also prides himself on his shakes and fries! The shakes use 11 ounces of ice cream, which only contains all natural ingredients. Flay stated that it took him and his cohorts a while to find the right blender that gave the shakes the consistency that he wanted. Those who know BBP will always order the pistachio shake! In regards to the fries, for anyone wondering, they are hand cut! “At this price point, there very few restaurants that don’t use frozen french fries,” said Flay. The fries go through a 2 day process which enables them to be served fresh to the customer with Flay’s famous fry sauce!

Now, once you decide that you want to try some of Flay’s deliciousness at BBP, the process will go something like this: you will walk in, order at the cashier, decide on a sea, and your food will come to you. A waiter will then explain to you the different sauces available to you at your table, which are: yellow mustard, ketchup, chipotle ketchup (because Bobby likes a little spice), jalapeno hot sauce, and his traditional burger sauce which is actually steak sauce. Flay stated, “you decide how long or how short you want your experience at BBP to be.” Flay explained that he really likes having his own burger joint. “People who like to eat burgers have a favorite place, and I like having the chance that BBP will be that favorite place,” said Flay.

My experience at BBP was amazing! I ordered the classic crunchburger, which was probably the juiciest burger I’ve ever eaten. I also ordered the fries which were nice and fresh. The fry sauce was tangy and a great addition to the crispy fries. Finally, I ordered the pistachio milkshake, what a delight! The milkshake was of perfect thickness and taste. I have never had a pistachio milkshake before BBP but I can tell you it will be my first of many!  Overall the atmosphere was great, the colors were fun and the design of the seating was anything but traditional tables. BBP is a great place for parents to take their children and get quality food. Although BBP is located inside of the Live! Casino that should not deter families from eating there. It is conveniently located right outside of the food court and hardly involves entering the casino. BBP will also make a great place for gamblers to stop and grab a quick bite. The staff and service at BBP was also wonderful, I was impressed to see so many staff in the kitchen. Overall, my experience was more than I thought it would be. Flay and his staff sure know how to please their hungry guests!

As Bobby would say, “that’s the BBP story!”

Just a side note: Before I went to the BBP meet and greet, I read Flay’s biography. I realized that his ambition and his love for food began when he was very young. His discovered his passion for food at the age of 17. As a college student, I can appreciate the fact he stayed true to his passion and sought out his dreams. Oh and one more thing, Flay stated that when he sees cities, he sees ingredients. As for Baltimore, he sees Old Bay. Keep a lookout for a Maryland inspired dish, Bobby Flay style!

My last semester at CCBC….

To begin, I will be closing out my blog for the spring semester on Friday, June 1st. I will be blogging for the summer, but only 1 or 2 blogs a month. I will write postings about community events, my new job experiences, and other ways to get involved. I hope you will still continue to check out my blog! I was also asked to blog for the Essex edition of the online newsite, Patch. I hope to start my blogging for them during the summer as well!

Anyways! What a great semester! :)

Over the 2 years I have been here, I have met so many people that inspired me and made my CCBC experience a great one. I have gone to countless college events, club meetings, induction ceremonies, and banquets. It is really amazing to look back on all the things I have done and all the people I have met. However, this past spring semester has definitely been my most memorable.

The CCBC Ambassador program led me to my position as a student blogger. CCBC’s student ambassadors are a unique and incredible group of students! I really wish I had discovered the program earlier during my time here at CCBC. Because of the program- I have formed great contacts with college administrators and faculty, had many opportunities to help with college events, and was given the chance to be recognized at the student life awards banquet. Needless to say, I recommend the program to everyone!

In addition, there is a bigger picture that I would like to illustrate for you. That is- you get out of CCBC what you put into it! CCBC has so much to offer, you just have to find the motivation in yourself and want to make a difference for yourself and for others. Being a student leader holds so many benefits. Student leaders are not just officers of clubs or ambassadors. Student leaders are peer mentors, alternative spring/summer breakers, honor students, Phi Theta Kappa members, club members, and finally just plain students. The feeling that you have made a difference in your life and someone else’s is so rewarding. Allow yourself to be rewarded!

If you are remaining at CCBC for future semesters, I encourage you to check out the Student Life office, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and the CCBC Honors Program. The biggest mistake that students make is thinking that they do not have what it takes to become a student leader. I once though that about myself, but CCBC changed all of that for me. I will now be moving on to a 4 year university with a full scholarship thanks to CCBC, it’s faculty and administrators, and my own hard work. It is never too late to make a new beginning for yourself. All you need to do is invest in yourself and be passionate about your dreams. When you have the want to make something happen, you will!

If you are graduating, congratulations! You completed your degree and you are moving on to do even better things. Your graduation and degree completion is something to be proud of! As I said before though, keep your success going. Success is not a destination, it is a journey. Let your graduation stand as a new beginning for you…Oops, wait! I don’t want to give too much of my graduation speech away! See you there! :)

Remember- “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, I’m possible!”

Quote of the Week!

In light of the approaching CCBC graduation, I picked a quote that would leave each graduate with something to think about…

To the CCBC Graduates: Do not think of your graduation as an ending. Think of it as a new beginning. Keep on reaching for your dreams. If you are passionate and motivated, you already have the skills you need to take yourself exactly where you want to go.

P.S. I am very excited to deliver my commencement speech to all of you! :)

Quote of the Week!

During finals week, look back on your hard work through the semester. Study hard and keep pushing through this last week. Remember….

CCBC Banquets

In the past 2 weeks I have gone to 2 banquets for my academic achievements at CCBC! Both of these banquets were amazing. They confirmed that all of my hard work here was worth it.

The first banquet I attended was on May 2nd at the Turf Valley Gold Resort. This banquet was to honor the 2012 members of the All-State Maryland Academic Team. I recieved this award due to my dedication to Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and my consistently high GPA. I found out I made the team a few months prior but I never expected such a great recognition ceremony. It was a great night, however, one portion in particular really stuck with me.

The keynote speaker for the banquet really spoke to my heart. Like me, she too thought that she would never make it through all of the school work. She was overwhelmed by all of her commitments and wondered if her hard work would even pay off. The overall message of her speechn was that we shall never have a dream deferred if we keep pushing. The feeling of stress can deter a lot of people from following their heart and chasing their dreams. Whenever we are feeling like this we just need to remember that the good things in life do not come easy.

The second banquet I attended was on May 10th at the Towson Sheraton Hotel. This was the Student Awards Banquet for CCBC. What an AMAZING experience! The many tables were filled with 700 students, their families, college faculty and administrators. That night I had the priviledge of being the first student recognized by President Kurtinitis. She exitedly introduced me as the distinguished graduate. I have to say, this meant so much to me. That moment put all of my dedication to the college and my studies into perspective. I realized just then that all of my hard work and stress, was worth it.

That night, I watched many of my friends and fellow students get awards. It was great to see so many students at the college being recognized for their specialties. We truly have some great students here at CCBC. I was honored to have been in a room with so many remarkable students and staff.

My advice for those of you continuing your education here at CCBC is: GET INVOLVED! It requires more commitment but it is so worth it. Your college will recognize you, and so will your next university.

Quote of The Week!

I love this quote because it is true. These past two week have been so bitter sweet for me. I am completing my last semester before graduation. I have surrounded myself with fellow students and staff who care so much about me. Without them, I would not be where I am today. I truly believe that there are great people out there who help you embrace your strengths.

I have found those people.

CCBC Faculty, Staff & Students- You will always be in my heart <3

CCBC Alumni Fun Fest!

Date: Alumni Fun Fest 2012Saturday, May 5th

Time: 11a.m. – 3p.m.

Location: The Quad at CCBC Dundalk, 7200 Sollers Point Road

For who?: All CCBC Alums & the Class of 2012

The Fun Fest will happen rain or shine!

The Fun Fest will include music from a steel drum band, tons of free picnic food, plenty of fun activities including caricature drawings & moon bounces, and so much more!

Attention Class of 2012! You will have the opportunity to have your photograph taken in your graduation regalia at the picnic.

This is a great family event! It is also a great way to reconnect with your favorite faculty and staff! :)

For more information call 443-840-3163 or visit

Job Interview Tips!

This week I am encouraging everyone to check out the CCBC Career Services Facebook page. They post great tips for improving your resume, boosting your interviewing skills, and utilizing your college education in the workplace.
The tips below were posted on their Facebook page this Tuesday. They are all tips that you should follow when interviewing for a job position. I think these are tips that everyone can benefit from!
“Here are seven things you most certainly need to avoid if you want your interview to result into a job offer:
1. DON’T ask about the benefits and vacation time: Starting off your interview by asking about what the company can do for you will make it look like you just want to get the best possible deal out of them. These details can be worked out later on, but the first round is certainly not t…he place for these questions.

2. DON’T ask about the salary: This is your first round, so don’t start negotiating the salary right away. Wait till they offer you the job.

3. DON’T ask how much overtime you will be expected to put in: This one makes you sound like an employee who is just waiting to punch out as soon as it’s 5:30. In today’s economy, many employees are working extra hours just to keep their jobs. Also, don’t say things like “I have a very active social life” or “I moved to this area for its great outdoor activities”.

4. DON’T ask about the telecommuting options: Remember, telecommuting and flexible timings are a privilege and not a right. If the company allows telecommuting, consider it a bonus. These details can be worked out with your manager once (and if) you join the company.

5. DON’T talk about some other job that you would like to do: By now people know that talking about another job/career at an interview is a strict no-no. But many people still make a big mistake by talking about how they would like to move into some other department or role within the company. The interviewer is not there to fulfill your career goals; he is there to fill the position that you are interviewing for.

6. DON’T start with saying “I know I don’t meet your…”: You have been called for an interview. The interviewer has already seen your resume. This means they already see you as a potential employee. If you feel that your lack of qualifications and experience could be an issue then talk about that in a positive language. No need to berate yourself.

7. DON’T leave the interview because you “got stuff to do”: If the interviewer wants to extend the interview, wants you to take a test, or just delays the interview, then play along. If you have an interview scheduled, keep the next few hours on your schedule free, just to be on the safer side. There are people who have sent out hundreds of job applications and not gotten a single interview. Get the most out of your interview.”


Quote of the Week!

About a week ago, I got some really great news! I am the 2012 President’s Distinguished Graduate and will be the student speaker at the CCBC Commencement on June 3, 2012! What an honor! I am very excited to inspire my fellow graduates on our graduation day. For my speech, I will be focusing on a quote. During my search, I found this one which I will leave up to your own interpretation. Finding inspiration from within can be very empowering!

Stress Coping Strategies for the End of the Semester!

As we approach the end of the semester, I am sure the stress level is high. Ours heads are crammed with thoughts of papers we have to write and tests we have to take. However, working endlessly through the night to get it all done is not a very good idea! I have found an article online that I feel gives great tips for the end of the semester. Please remember, you need to take breaks while doing your work. Sometimes all you really need is some time to relax and refresh. Happy studying :)

5 Tips for Coping with Stress During Finals


Many college students worry about final exams and the volume of work that needs to get done during the last few weeks of the semester. Although some amount of stress during finals week is likely, here are some strategies that you can use to decrease the stress that studying and test-taking can cause, as well as some tips for coping with the stress that you may experience.

  1. Create a Study Schedule. Make a calendar marking the dates of exams and due dates for papers and projects. Make estimates for the amount of time required to complete or study for each. From there, you can prioritize what needs to be accomplished each day. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to get done, focus on smaller goals, like accomplishing one task at a time. Breaking tasks up and taking care of them piece-by-piece can help you focus and avoid the feeling that you need to get everything done in one sitting.
  2. Study Strategically. Using the study schedule you made can help you feel that the work is more manageable. You can also try studying in shorter increments. Avoid studying or working on the same project for more than two hours at a time. Mix it up—read for an hour, then switch tasks and write for an hour. This may help you avoid study burn-out. Also, don’t deny yourself breaks. Get up and walk around every hour for at least 15 minutes, or connect with a friend to refresh yourself.
  3. Form a Study Group. Another good strategy for lower-stress studying is working with study groups from your classes. Tap into the knowledge of others, as they may have strengths that complement your weaknesses in a class. Plus, getting together with a group and discussing the course material may help you retain more. Interaction with these friends can also relieve stress, especially if the group can joke and chat together while getting the work done.
  4. Treat Your Body Right. Get enough sleep, eat healthy foods and exercise before and during finals week. Most research says that the typical person needs at least 5 hours of sleep in order to retain the information they learned during the day and to be alert and functional the following day. Staying up all night cramming can actually decrease your memory and ability to retain information. Also, eating healthy foods will give you the energy and mental strength you need to focus. Exercise has also been shown to decrease stress. Work out in your school’s fitness center, go for a walk or run outside or try yoga.
  5. Picture Your Success and the End of Finals Week. You know that this large amount of studying and test-taking can cause stress for even the calmest individuals. Sometimes just thinking about your workload can cause more stress. Try not to let stress get the most of you; rather, use it to harness your focus on the tasks at hand. Also remember that in a matter of days, finals will be over, and you will enjoy your 3-4 week vacation between semesters.