Finding your Grrrooovvveee….

No, I’m not talking about the groove in the couch your butt made today watching television.  I’m talking about a “school groove” or a personal one if that’s more your preference. For the purpose of this blog, we’ll stick to school. What is a groove you may ask?  First, a groove is a personal routine where organization, critical thinking, and fun is implemented as well as executed. It’s a style, a swagger, a lifestyle. It’s an overall challenge to achieve that takes constant and persistent tweaking to find the perfect and ultimate “groove” for each individual. For most of us, a groove comes naturally. For others, we have to work at making our groove fit to our every movement. My groove has been made years in the making. I am thrilled to share my groove secret for school excellence with my CCBC bloggers and readers!


TIP 1: Make a school schedule that’s convenient for you. Some of us are just not morning people. If your an afternoon or an evening person, make your schedule for that time of day. That way you can sleep in and watch rerun episodes of Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, The Bad Girls Club, Sports playbacks, or whatever.

TIP 2: In the morning, when I’m waking up for school, I put on some music JAMS! Its hard to get moving to the silence of a room, or the darkness of outside. Studies have shown that playing music wakes the brain up! After an “up-beat wake up” I turn on the news and check for weather and traffic.  It’s important I know I need to dress for rain, or how late I can actually leave the house.

TIP 3: Check your e-mails, Facebooks, Twitters, myspace and anything else before school. It’s alluring to know what our friends are doing, saying, or gossiping about, but it won’t be helpful during classtime to think about if your bff is talking to your ex-bf, and everyone knows but you.

TIP 4: You won’t know what you like until you try it! There are literally clubs for EVERYTHING! If there isn’t, make your own club!  A groove is best made when shared with others. Whether is discussing the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, introducing international cultures, or even speaking about medieval characters. Have a Group Groove!

TIP 5: Have a balance of personal and business. Schoolwork always comes first, but also make times for your friends, and downtime. Studies show that we excel better when we have time to enjoy hobbies that enrich our personal lives.

FINALLY: Understand that nothing comes right away. Hard work will pay off, but long term success last longer than short term. Find your groove by making mistakes, failing, falling, and then GETTING BACK UP! Getting back up to a GROOVE that will not LET YOU DOWN! It’s your GROOVE!

Pride & Prejudice

While this blog makes no reference to the English literature novel by Jane Austen (sorry English majors), or has any Sparknotes  for any easy understanding (sorry everybody else),  there is a reason. (Hopefully the title hasn’t deterred anyone from reading). Freshman year at a community college is not the “thirteenth grade” as I have been hearing. I don’t know what’s going on at these high schools, but the “thirteenth grade” simply does not exist. Freshman year at any community college is just that. A new educational system starting off at the “fresh” level. Coursework demanding heavier attention and dedication for the occupation gratification we will soon be looking for in the years to come.  Community college is an institution made for an easier transition to a four year school or university.  In high school, “pride” was shown on our fresh fitteds (hats) threads (clothes) and sneakers. Hallways were littered with “prejudice”  being whispered or gossiped in cliques, circles, groups, and other forms of defense mechanisms.  In middle school we are taught morals and values of everybody being equal and people coming in all colors, shapes and sizes.  Even though high school completely erases most of what we know to be right and wrong, college rectifies that high school mentality. In community college or any other college/university, take comfort that “pride” has a whole new outlook and “prejudice” is not welcomed. Take “pride” that your school welcomes all. High school grads, college grads, working parents supporting their family and furthering their own future. From the adolescent to the adult, CCBC takes pride that no one is too young or old to learn and grown. Push your prejudice aside an go sit next to the girl who isn’t wearing name brand clothes, eat with the guy who eats alone, and understand that we all have one thing in common, WE ATTEND THE SAME SCHOOL. Start your freshman year by spreading “pride” in others, and eliminating the “prejudice”.

I swear, its really FREE

“Free” is a word we rarely here these days. With the economy being in a recession, few if any people are going to give you anything for free. When we’re not satisfied, we assume that our meal or bill should be free or at least half off.  Times are hard on both sides of the playing field. Whether you’re the buyer, consumer or customer…no one wants to pay for what they can haggle (to persuade someone in getting something for less or for nothing at all). Does anyone even remember samples?  A free serving of what might become a store bought purchase.  I bet some of you even sampled some prospective colleges you were looking to attend. Your thinking, “with all the money I’m going to spend, I should be able to least grab a free t-shirt, and maybe a pen, and a hat wouldn’t hurt.” EXACTLY! By all means, apply that thinking at CCBC! For the first week, Student Life gave out FREE food and drink! Universities never, if rarely give out free food. You can’t even count on getting free food at GRADUATION!  FREE sodas, waters, juices, along with muffins and granola bars were given out in the morning! FREE sandwiches at lunch, and FREE pizza for dinner! Some people even said NO! Almost every single person kept asking, “Is this free?”, “This can’t possibly be free…”, “I hope I don’t have to pay for this.” I couldn’t believe it! It’s called a Student Activity Fee. Please take advantage of anything FREE! Whether it’s a movie, food, or activity! Think of CCBC as persuading you to “buy” into there “sample.” I swear, if you don’t see a sign, it’s FREE for the most part.