Imani’s Music

I lllooovveeeee MUSIC! I would go insane without my IPOD! My favorite is Neo-Soul, R&B, Alternative Rock, Pop, and just aobut anything with a good beat. Most of the music I like doesn’t get enough if any airplay. I hope that the artists I’m interested in gain a broader audience. I’ll share some of my favorite tunes and video’s and “blogees” please give me some of yours. Let us inspire each other to broaden our MUSICAL HORIZON!

My first artist is Janelle Monae! She is phenomenal if you like R&B with a little bit of techno, cup of INDIVUALISTIC PERSONALITY! Read her BIO!

Fly gypsy-I just started listening to them and I’m really feeling their single “You”. -Read their BIO!

Frankie Beverly & Maze/feat. Maze is the ULTIMATE FEEL GOOD GROUP! Ohh..this is for my young people with an “old soul”. If you want to just get away for a while, but still live in B-more, check this grou out. Check out their BIO!