Sweet,Sour, and Bitter: The Fair Trade Truth

The SWEET:    I love chocolate. When I was younger, I was promised I could get a whole candy bar to myself if I finished my dinner. I can see eyebrows give me the skeptical look when I said “whole” but I was usually only allowed a four pices. I know, what a travesty! A whole candy [...]

I’m not Dr. Phil….

Dating. Just hearing the word makes my head spin. There’s just no easy way to get around have feelings for someone, and wanting to spend the majority if not ALL of your time with that person. Whether its girl likes guy and vice versa, or girl likes girl, or boy likes boy, having feelings while [...]

Finding your Grrrooovvveee….

No, I’m not talking about the groove in the couch your butt made today watching television.  I’m talking about a “school groove” or a personal one if that’s more your preference. For the purpose of this blog, we’ll stick to school. What is a groove you may ask?  First, a groove is a personal routine where [...]