About Gia!

Who am i, in a nutshell!

Hey everybody!!

For those of you who don’t already know, my name is Gia and I am a NEW addition to the blogging team! This is my first semester as a Student Ambassador. This is also my first year as a college student (oh the thoughts of being a “little freshie” again!)

I thought the best way for all of you to really get a sense of who I am would be to describe the picture of my “identity bead”. Now i know that most of you are probably wondering, “What is an IDENTITY BEAD?” Well, the best way that i can describe it to you is simply stating that it is a mini description of myself; only on a key chain. So, here it goes!

(Starting from the bottom left and going counter clockwise. The silver beads represent breaks from one bead to the next):

-The white bead: I am caucasian. -The green/red/white beads: I am Italian! My grandfather was from Naples, Italy. (I feel that since my family is Italian that that is why I loveeee to talk..ha!) -The pink bead: I am a female.  -The brown, wooden bead: I am a Catholic. -The blue bead: My boyfriend is in the Navy. -The letters “IQ” (they are supposed to be the number 19): That’s how old i am. -The (upside-down) turquoise heart: I hope to one day work in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). -The letter “X”: I was on crutches on and off growing up. I was an active child and played many sports. -The green bead: I work part-time to help my parents pay for college.

I hope that all of my readers will fray away from being shy. Meaning, please feel free to comment on my blogs, including this one! I plan on expressing myself, along with my thoughts, and opinions. I really hope that all of you do the same! So, here’s to embarking on a new and exciting adventure together!!

Fino alla prossima volta (till next time)