Transition Day!!

Hey everyone!

Last time you have all heard from me was on March 24th. Needless to say, this blog is somewhat overdue.

Most of you are aware of my current blogging situation. Since i had lost all of my previous blogs, it has been more difficult than i had imagined to almost “time travel”, per say. In a way, you almost have to try and relive the experiences that you had once encountered and TRY to accurately depict them, as if they just happened. From this blog forward, i plan on being a more frequent blogger, as i have less time traveling to endure, and will be able to live in the present.

The event after Advocacy Day was Transition Day! Now, i think it would be a good idea to brief you on why this event was so exciting for me and the significance that i personally experienced.

Some background information on me:

I went to Dulaney High School, in Baltimore County. It’s a public school. Now, before Dulaney, I had went to Immaculate Conception School (ICS), in Towson, which is a private, Catholic school. I attended ICS from Kindergarten all the way to eighth grade. And before ICS, i went to pre-K next door, which we called “The Brown House”, for obvious reasons. I was sheltered, having grown up in one area almost my entire life. I had attended pre-K, Kindergarten, grade school, and middle school in the same proximity for 10 whole years of my life. And when graduation from eighth grade approached, almost everyone that i grew up with went to high schools like Notre Dame Preparatory (NDP), Maryvale Preparatory, Mercy, Calvert Hall (“The Hall”), Loyola Blakefield, etc. I was one of few that chose to go to a PUBLIC high school. The reason being?

High school is supposed to be the one pivotal point in everyones’ lives where they do the most changing, growing, learning about who they are, who they want to be, what they want to be, etc. I had decided to go into the high school experience alone. It was me, myself, and i. Three really great people, by the way. Just in case you haven’t met them yet, you should make time to do so. Just saying! Anyways, i was the only one out of my graduating class that went to Dulaney. It was scary, frightening, nerve-wrecking, and a bunch of other emotions and feelings that i had felt going into it.

My senior year was the time that i had enrolled in a course titled “Peer Assistance Tutor”. It was a course only offered to seniors, and it was very different and unique. At Dulaney, we are very diverse and special. Special being that we teach children with Special Needs. A fellow classmate and i taught first period English. That information is key in understanding why this event was so exciting for me.

Theresa Mina is a Disability Support Counselor at the Essex Campus. Each year, she gathers a group of current students, this year being a few Student Ambassadors, to give a tour of some main points on campus. We gathered in the J Building, right outside of the Lecture Hall. I was assigned to give a tour with a fellow Student Ambassador, Keri Hartley. Keri and i gave a tour to Dulaney High School! Hence, why this event was so exciting for me, right off the bat.

There were only a few students, as well as their aids, whom we gave a tour to. I had recognized the students that we had assisted, which was for me, the most significant part of that whole experience. Keri and i had given a brief tour of a few main attractions on campus. The humorous part of giving the tour was i myself was learning of several places that i didn’t know had existed. Or, if i had known that some of those places had existed, then i just wasn’t sure where. Until now!

Sadly, before we knew it, it was time to part with out newly established friends and say our goodbyes. It was an enlightening and familiar experience that i have a true passion for. I can only hope that come next year, i will be able to immerse myself in the day that had not only helped the students of Dulaney High School transition, but others as well.

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