Faculty members Jennifer Dagostin and Sarah Miller wore purple for three weeks straight leading to the championships for the Super Bowl in the support of the Ravens! Yes you read correctly, for “3 Weeks straight they wore purple” and did I mention they didn’t repeat an outfit *GASP*. “We strongly feel that this led to the Ravens win. We love purple but after this stretch we are definitely on a break” Jennifer says. Way to show some team spirit and support! Both born in Baltimore, Jennifer and Sarah are die hard fans that hold season tickets and go to the games together. With baseball season HERE, if the Orioles make it to the world series they are hoping to dress up in orange, I can’t wait for that. I caught up with the childhood friends to talk fashion and what they are looking forward to this Spring Season as far as trends.

                        DIE HARD Raven FANS Jennifer Dagotin and Sarah Miller (left to right)


Fashion Lovers at heart, Sarah’s ideal style is classic, casual with a hit of funky colors. “I like to stay on trend.”  Sarah says.  Jennifer’s style is work savy, mom casual, and comfort. She likes neutral colors but one of her New Years Resolutions is to add more color to her wardrobe.

” I’ve always like clothes, I shop at GAP, Marshalls, Ann Taylor and LOFT” Jennifer says. When the Spring season starts, Jennifer can’t wait to break out her sandal collection.

Sarah loves the colors coral and turquoise, hence the outfit! She can’t wait to start wearing sunglasses during the Spring time. Some of her favorite places to shop are J.Crew and Ann Taylor. Sarah also owns an excessive amount of shoes, over 50 pairs.. WOAHH!

                                    “I am very into scarfs and statement necklaces” Sarah says.

These bargain hunters sure know how to shop and have an eye for all things trendy, while maintaining  style on a budget.

Campus Style: Feature #3

I AM BACK AT IT AGAIN! Another exciting semester of snapping students and their personal style around campus. I enjoy capturing the beauty and uniqueness of others when I take these pictures. Each picture that I take is meant to highlight individualism of students.  Here are a few snaps that I took!

                                                   Furrice Davis
Hats are a great accessory to wear year round, whether you are trying to keep your head warm from the cold and blocking away some sun from your face, it does the job. There are a variety of hats come in different shapes and styles to fit your style.

                                                         Grace Trout

Grace is majoring in psychology! I always spot her on campus with her lovely platinum white hair, I really admire her expressive style .

                                                 Anderson Jaggernauth

Not everything has to match to the tea, mixing up patterns and prints can make an outfit eye catching and interesting, just ask Anderson has done with his outfit.

                                                  Shea Dorsey

Shea is wearing a lovely navy print dress, I love how she paired it with a green scarf which complemented the dress nicely and gave it a P.O.C. (Pop of color). Her oxford shoes give the look a polished look.

Eric Edelin

I am a BIG fan of British street fashion and I would have to say that I get some of my style inspiration from European fashion. When I saw these Union Jack shoes on Eric, I thought they were so AMAZING. He said that he has had them for a while and they are still durable, I think it’s safe to say investing in a good pair of shoes are WORTH IT.

                                                                    Chris Burks
I think this is such a well put together outfit! Chris is majoring in Nursing. His boots are his grandfathers (talk about vintage at it’s finest) SO COOL! I love how there is a story through every vintage item.
What is your favorite fall staple in in your wardrobe, please leave a comment below, I would like to know!  My favorite fall staple are hats!



ARTWORK | Aniekan Udofia

Nigerian artist, Aniekan Udofia had many people interested in his work as he painted an on the spot self portrait on campus. Many people stood by to slowly see the painting  unravel. ” I like to make positive images that inspire” Udofia says. He showcased his paintings  from his series called “RELOADED.”  Paintings of  people with pencils that depict another way to look at being “reloaded”….possibly artistically! Here are a few of the lovely pictures I took,  prepare to be mind blown by his artwork :)


“Every  individual posses a creative ability. When an individual intentionally and forcefully utilizes that weapon of choice, they have become RELOADED. To be RELOADED i to find the inspiring force behind your creativity and push it to th limit. The creativity that each person posses bring richness, depth, ambiance to the world in which we all live, a world that lacks the true essence of individuality without its expression. This collection symbolizes a call to action to each person that views it to become RELOADED- to wholly maximize one’s creative expression.  Each piece uses a very direct translation of a pencil in the place of a weapon. Be neither mistaken nor misguided – this translation is deliberate. Often times, creative expression – weather writing, designing painting, and more – begins with a pencil. As an artist uses a pencil to craft a new sketch, using both the lead to generate and the eraser to delicately undo missteps, the pencil is a universal conduit for the creative process. by engaging in this cyclical process the creator must RELOAD in the rapid succession, never disconnecting from the flow of creativeness. With the singular and plural authority that we have to create, to influence, and to transform, let us emphasize the arrival and expansion of our true and powerful form: a generation RELOADED.”            - Aniekan Udofia




The A.R.K. Movement (Valentines Day)

What better way to spend Valentines Day than to pass out 100 bags of  Hersey kisses around campus to students and faculty members. My twin brother Edward and I walked  around campus spreading the word about ” The A.R.K. Movement’  (Random Act of Kindness.) It is a project that we will be doing for “Civility Day” at CCBC to spread kindness, compassion and support for each other, which can be contagious. It felt good giving away all that candy to others. Most people at first thought we were trying to sell them the candy bags and were a bit skeptical but after they realized it was FREE, they were truly grateful for receiving it. I think the world could use a little more Random Acts of Kindness day to day. I challenge you to carry out random acts of kindness throughout the week, you never know how far a big or small gestures could impact others. GOOD LUCK !

Make sure to check out the CCBC Student Life Facebook page for more updates on “The A.R.K. Movement”

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi


SPRING 2013: Get Involved Fair

There are many clubs and organizations offered at CCBC. I definitely suggest you join one (or more) because the experience can truly be  enriching. You not only get opportunities to make a difference in yourself but  also for others as well.  I first decided to join a club when I went to the ” Spring 2012 Get Involved Fair,”  exactly one year  to date. At the time, it was my second semester at CCBC, and I thought joining a club would be a good way to make friends and get the most out of my college experience. Going to the “Get Involved Fair” this year was different from last Spring, this year I wasn’t just going as a student but also as a representative of clubs and as a CCBC blogger, interested in taking pictures. One year later, I can really reflect on the many opportunities, connections and experiences that have come my way just by getting involved in the campus community.  It’s a decision that  I do not regret and I only encourage others to do the same! With a wide range of clubs at CCBC you are bound to find something RIGHT for you.

Student life  Ambassadors (left to right) Christa Cobb and Jamilyah Daivvan helped serve food for the fair, which was by the way delicious!


                                  Essex Christian Fellowship Club, they meet every Thursday!

Women’s Studies Club has an upcoming event,  called “The Clothesline Project.” One February 25, 2013 they will be making t-shirts to raise awareness of the impact of violence against women. This the event will be held in B-building second floor lobby front 1:00-3:00


Veteran’s Club, for some information on the club, CLICK HERE

The Student success center is a great resources, they offer tutoring, academic support, and more. They are located in building A307!

MCSA (Multicultural Student Association)


International Student Association, embraces cultures from around the globe


Athletics|                                   Performing Arts                          |Nursing Student Association


The Anthropology Club with sisters, Sarah and Diana Bridgett


Activism Advocacy Club |                   ENACTUS                      | Student Life


F.Y.E. First year experience, help get started with your first year at CCBC with great peer mentors, they are there to help you every step of the way.


The Alumni Association has a magazine called EMERGE, the magazine tells you all about the great things that alumni’s have done.


OTHERS GREAT CLUBS and PROGRAMS (CCBC Sustainability Committee, Phi Theta Kappa, Honors Program and the Rainbow Club)


SGA (Student Government Association) OFFICERS


For the list of all current clubs and organizations at the Essex campus, CLICK HERE!