Student Life Banquet

This pass week I attended the CCBC Student Life Banquet at Martin’s West, which honored student and club leaders among the Dundalk, Essex and Catonsville campus.  Alot of people were there to receive an award(s) or to simply support someone receiving an award. The atmosphere was very nice and I enjoyed seeing everyone all dresses [...]

Thanks for the Memories

Helping make 200 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the the homeless |  Civility Day at the Essex campus | Taking pictures for CCBC blog The MCSA “Halloween Party” | Encouraging others to apply for CCBC  scholarships | The “Get involved Fair” “Savitri and I at the “Enactus Regionals” | CCBC Enactus members and I [...]


“I admire anyone with their personal sense of style” Someone once said “Fashion Fades, but style is eternal” and I couldn’t agree with that any better. Trends come and go literally, what may be in now will be out of season next year but your style is something that will forever be with you, it [...]

CCBC Personal Finance Expo

I attended the Personal Finance Expo last weekend at CCBC on the Catonsville campus. Their were a lot of activities and informational sessions that took place. Many companies, businesses and banks were present to answer your questions!  Informational sessions were also available for people interested in learning things like “Understanding Insurance”, “Creating a Family Spending [...]

Womens Expo 2013

March 16th  through the 17th marked the 12 annual Women’s Expo, presented by the Women Expo Forum and CCBC Enterprise Institute. The Women’s Expo is a conference that promotes women owned and operated businesses. Through the workshops, speakers and vendors women are able to network and build connections that will help their business. As someone [...]