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This pass week I attended the CCBC Student Life Banquet at Martin’s West, which honored student and club leaders among the Dundalk, Essex and Catonsville campus.¬† Alot of people were there to receive an award(s) or to simply support someone receiving an award. The atmosphere was very nice and I enjoyed seeing everyone all dresses up and looking lovely. I was rewarded a certificate for my involvement in both the Multicultural Student Association and a Student¬† Life Ambassador. It was nice to be recognized for my participation in these activities that I enjoy taking part in. My experiences in these clubs have made my time here at CCBC even more special and memorable.

“Remember, its not who or what you know, it’s who knows you! Make your mark on campus and get involved

I wanted to share with you all an email Diana Bridgette, the president of the Anthropology club on the Essex campus, sent to her club adviser three years ago.

Hi Miss Brown,
I’m a student at CCBC Essex and was interested in joining the Anthropology club, but I’m in class on September 20th until 2:15 p.m.. Is it okay if I come to the first meeting right after class? If not, can I still join the club? From Diana Bridgett

Sent September 20, 2010

Now fast forward a few years later, Diana Bridgette is the president of the club and the group won the “Outstanding Organization Award” this year at the banquet, that is definitely a lot to be proud of. The first step that Diana took towards seeing her full potential was just an email away. CONGRATS Diana Bridgette, as she will be graduating this semester and transfering to Towson University!

Diana Bridgette president of the Anthropology club is awarded with the “Outstanding Organization”¬† award

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  1. Prag Says:

    Proud of you my daughter…Good job Fei…and thank you for representing us in your blog….

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