Thanks for the Memories

Helping make 200 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the the homeless |  Civility Day at the Essex campus | Taking pictures for CCBC blog

The MCSA “Halloween Party” | Encouraging others to apply for CCBC  scholarships | The “Get involved Fair”

“Savitri and I at the “Enactus Regionals” | CCBC Enactus members and I at the “Personal Finance Expo” |  Student Life team building

My fellow friends from the Peer Mentor and Ambassador Program!

As my days here at CCBC are slowly winding down *teartear* I thought I would reflect on the many great  opportunities and experiences that have come my way while attending  CCBC. It’s unbelievable how two years have pasted by, this semester I will be graduating with an associates degree in general studies and then transferring to University of Maryland, College Park for International Business. I received the Transfer Academic Excellence Scholarship that I applied for, which covers the cost of tuition for four consecutive semesters.  I am very much looking forward to another chapter in my life. I always say “your college experience is what you make it”, very similar to life. I didn’t know what to expect my first semester at CCBC but I knew I wanted to be get involved with campus activities, clubs and events, so I started joining clubs that interest me and I made friends through that. My following semester I applied for the Student Life Ambassador program and got the job. I never knew the many  activities and events that took place in between the Dundalk, Essex and Catonsville campus before I was student life ambassador. I have grown as a leader with skills that I am ready to transfer to the University of Maryland. Of course it wasn’t always easy balancing school and extracurricular activities, there were struggles that I incurred but it only prepared me for the future and shaped who I was. I always encourage others to challenge their selves and to seek their full potential by joining a club on campus, you won’t regret it.

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