“I admire anyone with their personal sense of style”

Someone once said “Fashion Fades, but style is eternal” and I couldn’t agree with that any better. Trends come and go literally, what may be in now will be out of season next year but your style is something that will forever be with you, it never gets old, and you are constantly growing along with it. I think personal style is a representation of who you are, or as I like to say an “unspoken language”! Everyone is different and it’s nice to see those who are able to convey that in their expressive dressing! I enjoy walking around campus everyday because I appreciate the diversity the college has to offer. I usually do my campus style post on students but I thought I would change it up and this week feature some styles of faculty members here at CCBC. ENJOY!

Professor Cullen | I really like the colorful lines on the pants and his trenched coat!

Professor Wayne | Ties are great, this abstract tie really seems to bring the whole outfit together

Dr. Coleman | Dr. Coleman likes hats and scarfs! Both accessories I enjoy wearing

The power of RED!  I enjoy her style.

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