CCBC Personal Finance Expo

I attended the Personal Finance Expo last weekend at CCBC on the Catonsville campus. Their were a lot of activities and informational sessions that took place. Many companies, businesses and banks were present to answer your questions!¬† Informational sessions were also available for people interested in learning things like “Understanding Insurance”, “Creating a Family Spending Plan”, “Avoiding Scams” and much more.

As an Enactus member on campus, I was one of the¬† volunteers for the event. I helped people sign in and I answered any questions about the program. I was also able to go to a few of the sessions that were scheduled to take place. I went to two and they were both really informative. The first one was on “Paying for College,” by Derrick Little. He is the Assistant Director of Financial Aid on the Catonsville campus, he had lots to say about financial aid and the new changes that occurred in receiving aid. The session really gave me a better understanding¬† on FASFA. The other session that I went to was on “Investing 101″ with speaker Joe Harsel a VALIC financial adviser. He gave tips on investing, and explained the different levels of investing. Angie Barnett the president /CEO of Better Business Bureau was one of the keynote speakers for the event. I really walked away feeling a lot more confident with all the knowledge that I gained!

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