Faculty members Jennifer Dagostin and Sarah Miller wore purple for three weeks straight leading to the championships for the Super Bowl in the support of the Ravens! Yes you read correctly, for “3 Weeks straight they wore purple” and did I mention they didn’t repeat an outfit *GASP*. “We strongly feel that this led to the Ravens win. We love purple but after this stretch we are definitely on a break” Jennifer says. Way to show some team spirit and support! Both born in Baltimore, Jennifer and Sarah are die hard fans that hold season tickets and go to the games together. With baseball season HERE, if the Orioles make it to the world series they are hoping to dress up in orange, I can’t wait for that. I caught up with the childhood friends to talk fashion and what they are looking forward to this Spring Season as far as trends.

                        DIE HARD Raven FANS Jennifer Dagotin and Sarah Miller (left to right)


Fashion Lovers at heart, Sarah’s ideal style is classic, casual with a hit of funky colors. “I like to stay on trend.”  Sarah says.  Jennifer’s style is work savy, mom casual, and comfort. She likes neutral colors but one of her New Years Resolutions is to add more color to her wardrobe.

” I’ve always like clothes, I shop at GAP, Marshalls, Ann Taylor and LOFT” Jennifer says. When the Spring season starts, Jennifer can’t wait to break out her sandal collection.

Sarah loves the colors coral and turquoise, hence the outfit! She can’t wait to start wearing sunglasses during the Spring time. Some of her favorite places to shop are J.Crew and Ann Taylor. Sarah also owns an excessive amount of shoes, over 50 pairs.. WOAHH!

                                    “I am very into scarfs and statement necklaces” Sarah says.

These bargain hunters sure know how to shop and have an eye for all things trendy, while maintaining  style on a budget.

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  1. Kathleen Miller Ballard Says:

    This is awesome! Congrats for being published for your fantastic outfits. I always eye up Sarah’s clothes and wish I would put together outfits like that! :-)

  2. Linda Weeks Says:

    If Fei isn’t one of the coolest people you’ll ever meet, then I don’t know who is! Oh, well, there’s her brother, cool in his own right. I wish you all the best of everything, and hope you will be who replaces Martha Stewart as the reigning queen of crafty cool stuff! Huzzah! Long live the Queen!! for-ever hugs!!

  3. man802898 Says:

    Ahahah, Ms. Linda you are ever so kind! I am going to miss you so much! :)

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