Womens Expo 2013

March 16th  through the 17th marked the 12 annual Women’s Expo, presented by the Women Expo Forum and CCBC Enterprise Institute. The Women’s Expo is a conference that promotes women owned and operated businesses. Through the workshops, speakers and vendors women are able to network and build connections that will help their business. As someone [...]


Faculty members Jennifer Dagostin and Sarah Miller wore purple for three weeks straight leading to the championships for the Super Bowl in the support of the Ravens! Yes you read correctly, for “3 Weeks straight they wore purple” and did I mention they didn’t repeat an outfit *GASP*. “We strongly feel that this led to [...]

Campus Style: Feature #3

I AM BACK AT IT AGAIN! Another exciting semester of snapping students and their personal style around campus. I enjoy capturing the beauty and uniqueness of others when I take these pictures. Each picture that I take is meant to highlight individualism of students.  Here are a few snaps that I took!       [...]