ARTWORK | Aniekan Udofia

Nigerian artist, Aniekan Udofia had many people interested in his work as he painted an on the spot self portrait on campus. Many people stood by to slowly see the painting  unravel. ” I like to make positive images that inspire” Udofia says. He showcased his paintings  from his series called “RELOADED.”  Paintings of  people [...]

The A.R.K. Movement (Valentines Day)

What better way to spend Valentines Day than to pass out 100 bags of  Hersey kisses around campus to students and faculty members. My twin brother Edward and I walked  around campus spreading the word about ” The A.R.K. Movement’  (Random Act of Kindness.) It is a project that we will be doing for “Civility Day” [...]

SPRING 2013: Get Involved Fair

There are many clubs and organizations offered at CCBC. I definitely suggest you join one (or more) because the experience can truly be  enriching. You not only get opportunities to make a difference in yourself but  also for others as well.  I first decided to join a club when I went to the ” Spring 2012 Get Involved Fair,”  exactly [...]

CCBC Scholarships

I would like to welcome new and returning students to CCBC Spring 2013 semester! I hope everyone’s week is going great. It’s almost over so I think it’s safe to say we survived the long lines waiting to buy books at the bookstore, adjusting to class schedules, and not to mention, walking into the wrong [...]