The Community College of Baltimore County is known for its diversity. Diversity of students, cultures,  majors and the list goes on and on. With the great opportunity of blogging for CCBC, one of the main focuses I wanted to do was highlight individualism through style of students.  We all come from different back grounds and how we express ourselves through what we wear can vary depending on our interest, religion,  mood and inspiration.  Coming from someone who rocks wool hats season round,  I take much pride in what I wear and know that as long as I am staying true to myself,  that is what matters most. I see personal style as a form of art, everyone interprets style differently and it’s nice to walk around the Essex campus and  admire the different campus styles that reflect the students.

“I believe that fashion is the ultimate form of self expression therefore it really depends on the mood” -Nicole Richie

 Candace Kilburn |First Year at CCBC ! She plans on transferring to F.I.T. for Fashion Design

Jake’s outfit gives me a total flash back of London’s punk rock era. His patched denim jeans add a personal touch to just a plain pair of jeans. It demonstrates how one can express themselves through what I like to call the unspoken statement. His studded leather jacket displays an abstract image on the back of a skeleton, topped off with a fitted snap back! I call this outfit PERFECTION!


Morin Godo | Second year at CCBC, majoring in Biology


Jennifer Lutz | Second and a half year at CCBC,  plans on graduating this Spring majoring in  Humanities & Social Sciences                              

“I like to have a fun style…that’s original to me, I LOVE DRESSES and boots!”


Pebbles style

Pebbles Armwood  | SGA President, Second semester at CCBC majoring in Nursing


Kelsey Campbell | Second semester at CCBC, majoring in Math


Mark Brady | Second year at CCBC, majoring in Business Management


 Her tie dye jeggings really give the outfit a unique look! Topped off with a P.O.C. (Pop of Color) fushia shoes and a chunky cardigan, everything ties together really nicely


                 Fei ManchoSecond year at CCBC majoring in General Studies

    “I love the idea of self expression through what you wear, my staple piece in my wardrobe are  my wool hats. I own seven and counting!”

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    Wow, this is really nice

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    Look at these stylish people!!!! Love!

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    Hahah, I know! I love it :)

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