Student Life Banquet

This pass week I attended the CCBC Student Life Banquet at Martin’s West, which honored student and club leaders among the Dundalk, Essex and Catonsville campus.  Alot of people were there to receive an award(s) or to simply support someone receiving an award. The atmosphere was very nice and I enjoyed seeing everyone all dresses up and looking lovely. I was rewarded a certificate for my involvement in both the Multicultural Student Association and a Student  Life Ambassador. It was nice to be recognized for my participation in these activities that I enjoy taking part in. My experiences in these clubs have made my time here at CCBC even more special and memorable.

“Remember, its not who or what you know, it’s who knows you! Make your mark on campus and get involved

I wanted to share with you all an email Diana Bridgette, the president of the Anthropology club on the Essex campus, sent to her club adviser three years ago.

Hi Miss Brown,
I’m a student at CCBC Essex and was interested in joining the Anthropology club, but I’m in class on September 20th until 2:15 p.m.. Is it okay if I come to the first meeting right after class? If not, can I still join the club? From Diana Bridgett

Sent September 20, 2010

Now fast forward a few years later, Diana Bridgette is the president of the club and the group won the “Outstanding Organization Award” this year at the banquet, that is definitely a lot to be proud of. The first step that Diana took towards seeing her full potential was just an email away. CONGRATS Diana Bridgette, as she will be graduating this semester and transfering to Towson University!

Diana Bridgette president of the Anthropology club is awarded with the “Outstanding Organization”  award

Thanks for the Memories

Helping make 200 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the the homeless |  Civility Day at the Essex campus | Taking pictures for CCBC blog

The MCSA “Halloween Party” | Encouraging others to apply for CCBC  scholarships | The “Get involved Fair”

“Savitri and I at the “Enactus Regionals” | CCBC Enactus members and I at the “Personal Finance Expo” |  Student Life team building

My fellow friends from the Peer Mentor and Ambassador Program!

As my days here at CCBC are slowly winding down *teartear* I thought I would reflect on the many great  opportunities and experiences that have come my way while attending  CCBC. It’s unbelievable how two years have pasted by, this semester I will be graduating with an associates degree in general studies and then transferring to University of Maryland, College Park for International Business. I received the Transfer Academic Excellence Scholarship that I applied for, which covers the cost of tuition for four consecutive semesters.  I am very much looking forward to another chapter in my life. I always say “your college experience is what you make it”, very similar to life. I didn’t know what to expect my first semester at CCBC but I knew I wanted to be get involved with campus activities, clubs and events, so I started joining clubs that interest me and I made friends through that. My following semester I applied for the Student Life Ambassador program and got the job. I never knew the many  activities and events that took place in between the Dundalk, Essex and Catonsville campus before I was student life ambassador. I have grown as a leader with skills that I am ready to transfer to the University of Maryland. Of course it wasn’t always easy balancing school and extracurricular activities, there were struggles that I incurred but it only prepared me for the future and shaped who I was. I always encourage others to challenge their selves and to seek their full potential by joining a club on campus, you won’t regret it.


“I admire anyone with their personal sense of style”

Someone once said “Fashion Fades, but style is eternal” and I couldn’t agree with that any better. Trends come and go literally, what may be in now will be out of season next year but your style is something that will forever be with you, it never gets old, and you are constantly growing along with it. I think personal style is a representation of who you are, or as I like to say an “unspoken language”! Everyone is different and it’s nice to see those who are able to convey that in their expressive dressing! I enjoy walking around campus everyday because I appreciate the diversity the college has to offer. I usually do my campus style post on students but I thought I would change it up and this week feature some styles of faculty members here at CCBC. ENJOY!

Professor Cullen | I really like the colorful lines on the pants and his trenched coat!

Professor Wayne | Ties are great, this abstract tie really seems to bring the whole outfit together

Dr. Coleman | Dr. Coleman likes hats and scarfs! Both accessories I enjoy wearing

The power of RED!  I enjoy her style.

CCBC Personal Finance Expo

I attended the Personal Finance Expo last weekend at CCBC on the Catonsville campus. Their were a lot of activities and informational sessions that took place. Many companies, businesses and banks were present to answer your questions!  Informational sessions were also available for people interested in learning things like “Understanding Insurance”, “Creating a Family Spending Plan”, “Avoiding Scams” and much more.

As an Enactus member on campus, I was one of the  volunteers for the event. I helped people sign in and I answered any questions about the program. I was also able to go to a few of the sessions that were scheduled to take place. I went to two and they were both really informative. The first one was on “Paying for College,” by Derrick Little. He is the Assistant Director of Financial Aid on the Catonsville campus, he had lots to say about financial aid and the new changes that occurred in receiving aid. The session really gave me a better understanding  on FASFA. The other session that I went to was on “Investing 101″ with speaker Joe Harsel a VALIC financial adviser. He gave tips on investing, and explained the different levels of investing. Angie Barnett the president /CEO of Better Business Bureau was one of the keynote speakers for the event. I really walked away feeling a lot more confident with all the knowledge that I gained!

Womens Expo 2013

March 16th  through the 17th marked the 12 annual Women’s Expo, presented by the Women Expo Forum and CCBC Enterprise Institute. The Women’s Expo is a conference that promotes women owned and operated businesses. Through the workshops, speakers and vendors women are able to network and build connections that will help their business. As someone who is interested in being an entrepreneur I thought going would be a great opportunity to learn something new and to hear some words of wisdom from women that own their own business. Out of the many vendors that were there, my favorite was “GOGO’s Retread Threads,” a vintage store that sells one of a kind female and male vintage pieces in a funky decked out bus. It was like the “magic school bus” except for vintage fashion lovers. The founder Stacey Chambers has been doing this for almost three years, she stops at different locations through out the month to sell some vintage treasures for affordable prices. I definitely plan on purchasing some more stuff from her one of these days! Her pieces are so unique and like any other vintage piece, carry so much history in them. I really enjoyed attending the Women Expo and meeting empowered women, I look forward to what next year has in store!

Founder of GoGo’s  Retread Threads Stacy Chambers and I

You can keep up with GoGo’s Retread Threads on their:


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