My Last Days As An Ambassador

Being an ambassador has definitely been a pleasure and has changed my life. Before I was an ambassador, I never had any intention of being a leader due to the fact that I was the shy/quiet type. Instead of taking charge, I was the guy who mostly likely rather be in the background with zero [...]

The biggest secret to passing your final exams

START NOW!!!!! The end of the semester is honing in on us and finals are slowly approaching over our heads. Everything you do from now til exam day is critical and time shouldn’t be wasted. Here are a few things you can do for a head start.   1) Start now!¬† Starting now can give [...]

Hot Hot Hot!!!!

Its seems after coming from Spring Break a heat wave has come to welcome us back. Here are 5 ways to cool off: 1) Hang in the Cafe. Both cafes in the b and f building are nicely cooled with nice comfy seats. Great places for avoiding the sun! 2) Hacky Sack at the Quad. [...]

Snowy Spring

Yesterday was the snowy day I’ve been waiting for during this whole winter. Not only was I able to not go to my early morning classes but I had extra time to sleep plus make a snowman. This may sound silly but every winter I have a goal to build a snowman and this winter [...]

The Elephant In The Room

Today Enactus, Multicultural Student Association, and International Student Association were hosting a HIV and AIDS event. There was a HIV and AIDS presentation discussing the misconceptions of HIV and AIDS,  facts, and such. While the presentation was occurring there was a free confidential  HIV and AIDS screening from 12pm Р3pm. HIV and AIDS are [...]