My Last Days As An Ambassador

Being an ambassador has definitely been a pleasure and has changed my life. Before I was an ambassador, I never had any intention of being a leader due to the fact that I was the shy/quiet type. Instead of taking charge, I was the guy who mostly likely rather be in the background with zero desire to be in anything involving a “Spotlight.” That was until I heard about the ambassador program from Trish, the previous advisor of the MCSA. Wanting to become more involved with the campus, I applied for the program and was able to get to the interview session. As I entered the room with brand new faces my nervous levels kicked up to the max, but with my sister and a friend of mine there I felt more comfortable. I engaged in lots of group activities ,which involved communicating with one another even if you were strangers, and was tested for the position of being an ambassador. Luckily I passed the interview session and gained the title of student life ambassador. After the interview session, there was the training which consisted of more group activities and team building exercises. Once my training was done I was able to sign up for events that allowed me to display acts of leadership. As of now I experienced pretty of events and had many memorable experiences like: Cory Booker event, Planning Summit, Campus Tours, ARK movement and as such. Being an ambassador has given me plenty of opportunities like writing blogs for the campus, coordinating the ARK movement event with Fei while being assisted by FYE mentors & Ambassadors, getting scholarships, meeting the Deans and President of CCBC, and many more. Being has also an ambassador hasĀ  allowed my to be part of the amazing, awesome, swag-ed out FYE mentors and Ambassadors family. Although the title states “My Last Days As An Ambassador” even as I transfer to University of Maryland College Park I will forever be a student life ambassador.

Yeah thats right this is my family

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