The biggest secret to passing your final exams


The end of the semester is honing in on us and finals are slowly approaching over our heads. Everything you do from now til exam day is critical and time shouldn’t be wasted. Here are a few things you can do for a head start.


1) Start now!¬† Starting now can give you a head start. Getting a head start can give you time to study on previous material that you didn’t understand so once finals come freak out mode would be kept to a minimum.

2) Ask teachers questions!¬†Have you ever sat in class and had a professor talk about a lesson but you had no idea what he/she were talking about. Well, it is too far in the semester to still have that occur to you. If you don’t understand a concept then ask your professor, the only thing you have to lose is the energy used to move your mouth to ask the question.

3) Youtube! Depending on the professor you have, sometimes your not able to meet with them during their office hours or ask them questions during class. If that is the case then turn to Youtube. There are many teachers/professors from around the world (Khan, Patrick JMT, ect.) that post videos on certain subjects whether it is Bio, Programming, Math, English, Foreign language, or etc. Youtube videos can help you when you don’t have time during your classes but have access to the internet on your free time.

4) Get assignments done! Procrastination is the worst enemy of many college students. Its easy to do an assignment at last minute and go with the flow. However with finals in less than a month away, it is best to stop the Procrastination  and get assignments done so you have more time to study and brush up on old material that has been forgotten.

You try and try and try only to fail. However despite what everyone says you still believe and never give up. Now look at you, your successful now and all this would have be possible if you stopped believing

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  1. Steven DeMinds Says:

    Excellent advice!

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