Hot Hot Hot!!!!

Its seems after coming from Spring Break a heat wave has come to welcome us back. Here are 5 ways to cool off:

1) Hang in the Cafe. Both cafes in the b and f building are nicely cooled with nice comfy seats. Great places for avoiding the sun!

cafe setting

2) Hacky Sack at the Quad. The quad, which is outside the A and J building, my friends and I hacky sack under the shade of trees. Anyone is welcome to join us since they more people the merrier. Plus although your outside, when you hacky sack the feeling of heat goes away.

Hacky Sack

3) Chill under the bridge. There is a nice bench area near the bridge of the b building. The setting is nice and the atmosphere is very relaxing so it is another spot to hang with friends. Plus the tree there provide nice shading!


4) Play volleyball. There is a vollyball net right on the side of the b building. When there is a net on the volleyball area, you are free to play volleyball. Like hacky sacking, playing volleyball can take your mind off the heat and maybe even help you make a friend.


5) The relax in the Library. The second floor of the library is the perfect spot for relaxing or studying. The chairs are nice enough to sleep in, the setting is quiet enough to study in, and the best part is that there is air conditioning. Even if you aren’t studying, this is a good spot to avoid the heat.

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