The Elephant In The Room

Today Enactus, Multicultural Student Association, and International Student Association were hosting a HIV and AIDS event. There was a HIV and AIDS presentation discussing the misconceptions of HIV and AIDS,  facts, and such. While the presentation was occurring there was a free confidential  HIV and AIDS screening from 12pm – 3pm. HIV and AIDS are never openly discussed despite many people being infected with the virus. As I passed out flyers for the event, since I’m the president of the Multicultural Student Association, people tend to shy away from coming to an event dealing with HIV and AIDS or others would joke about it with friends. There just seems to be such a negative connotation towards anything HIV and AIDS that people rather not even deal with. However, people really need to be educated about HIV and AIDS, because it is a life changing virus that can be avoided if the causes of HIV and AIDS are known. Even as I write this blog there are many people out there who have HIV or AIDS and don’t know it mostly due to the fact that they just aren’t aware of the symptoms or never felt the need to get tested.  If you weren’t at the event you can visit to learn more about HIV and AIDS, there is even a testing center locator on the site if you want to get tested.


HIV and AIDS fact sheet

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