Snowy Spring

Yesterday was the snowy day I’ve been waiting for during this whole winter. Not only was I able to not go to my early morning classes but I had extra time to sleep plus make a snowman. This may sound silly but every winter I have a goal to build a snowman and this winter [...]

The Elephant In The Room

Today Enactus, Multicultural Student Association, and International Student Association were hosting a HIV and AIDS event. There was a HIV and AIDS presentation discussing the misconceptions of HIV and AIDS,  facts, and such. While the presentation was occurring there was a free confidential  HIV and AIDS screening from 12pm Р3pm. HIV and AIDS are [...]

Snow Hype Storm

There has been plenty of talk about a big snow storm heading our way and classes may be closed tomorrow (Woooo!). As happy as I want to be about classes being cancelled and building snowmen, I believe all this hype may only lead to disappointment and there will be no snow. I guess only time [...]