Round Two!

Starting over is never easy especially when it deals with a class. You spend the whole semester trying to do the best you can but once finals pass and you check the grade you received, it is below your exceptions. This happens and most of the time it’s acceptable to move on, but what if the class you received a poor grade in played a huge part towards your major. FREAKOUT mode activated! Moving to the next level may do more damage if you barely passed the previous level so the best thing to do may be to: RETAKE THE CLASS. Your probably thinking along the lines of “Not again” , “I got to spend money to retake the class, AGAIN!” or ” I’m not going through that again” (a lot of again will occur). I definitely¬† felt this way when I got a C in my CSIT 210 class but I learned 3 things about retaking a class.


1) The class is easier. Although you didn’t get a perfect score in the class, you should at least have a better understanding of the material compared to the class so you’ll actually be ahead of the class.

2) Ease. Believe it or not, you’ll feel more comfortable during class (You might even be so comfortable that you tilt your chair back, turn your hat sideways and put your legs on the desk).

-Last but not least-

3) Better grade. The true reason why retaking a class is worth it. When retaking a class there’s no way your grade will be lower (unless you don’t come to class) so your grade can only improve. Plus retaking a class can improve your GPA more than getting an A in another class.


So if you ever get a low grade at the end of the semester, don’t ever knock out retaking a class as one of your choices.

Time looooooop!!!

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  1. Hope Says:

    Retaking a class is never what you want to do, but sometimes what you need to do. Great advice!

  2. Edward Mancho Says:

    That is pretty much how I felt when I registered for my CSIT class again, thank you.

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