Giving a chance to save a life

Yesterday was the Red Cross Blood Drive. Although I completely forgot about the date Red Cross was suppose to arrive, I was still excited. In my lifetime I’ve given blood four times so far. Just the thought that the pint of blood I give will save lives makes me feel good inside. As I was [...]

Joining a Club can Take you Places

At CCBC, there are plenty of clubs on campus and if you read Fei’s blog you would see what I mean. Clubs don’t only look good on your transcript for colleges but are also a great way to get involved on campus and even make friends. For me, I’m part of the┬ámulticultural club that takes [...]

Round Two!

Starting over is never easy especially when it deals with a class. You spend the whole semester trying to do the best you can but once finals pass and you check the grade you received, it is below your exceptions. This happens and most of the time it’s acceptable to move on, but what if [...]