Oh Glob!!!

Thanksgiving break is over and classes are now in full force especially with finals coming around the corner. Here are 7 Tips to avoid stressing once final’s week has arrived: 1) Study, Study, Study. Studying earlier will make cramming for the final less, which means less stress. 2) Sometimes studying material you don’t understand can [...]

Hello Blog Readers!

I recently made a video about the importance of attending a community college. Also it’s fully voiced by yours truly, like it and spread the word if you like it. The link is in the below or you can click the video! The Benefits Of Attending Community College

Helping Hand

When I needed help in class I never asked for it. I was the type of person that if I didn’t know then I would learn on my own and if that I didn’t succeed then learning on my own meant I wasn’t smart enough. My way would worked in the beginning but then it [...]

The Power of Voting

On Nov.6th, I voted for the first time in my life. Although it was only less than 5 minutes, it was a very powerful moment not only because my choice contributed to who will become president for the next 4 years but also the decisions of others with the question 1-7 and so and so [...]