Hurricane Sandy

This has been a topic that has been talked about a lot over the weekend, even til today as well. I’m one of the lucky ones that didn’t suffer much from the hurricane besides having the fear of the power go out and having no internet but all was well. Moments like these really make [...]

The Dream Act

Today as a student life ambassador I attended the event which involved Delegate McDonough speaking about the Dream Act. I was his introduction which I was a little nervous for because this is the first serious event where I had to speak .in front of people. It was a nice experience and it is nice [...]


Being in college there are a lot of “Walls” that will be faced. Whether it’s ditching studying to hang out with friends or not doing an assessment on time because there seems to be better things to do at that are more enjoyable. Things are all well and good living in the moment, but then [...]