My Last Days As An Ambassador

Being an ambassador has definitely been a pleasure and has changed my life. Before I was an ambassador, I never had any intention of being a leader due to the fact that I was the shy/quiet type. Instead of taking charge, I was the guy who mostly likely rather be in the background with zero desire to be in anything involving a “Spotlight.” That was until I heard about the ambassador program from Trish, the previous advisor of the MCSA. Wanting to become more involved with the campus, I applied for the program and was able to get to the interview session. As I entered the room with brand new faces my nervous levels kicked up to the max, but with my sister and a friend of mine there I felt more comfortable. I engaged in lots of group activities ,which involved communicating with one another even if you were strangers, and was tested for the position of being an ambassador. Luckily I passed the interview session and gained the title of student life ambassador. After the interview session, there was the training which consisted of more group activities and team building exercises. Once my training was done I was able to sign up for events that allowed me to display acts of leadership. As of now I experienced pretty of events and had many memorable experiences like: Cory Booker event, Planning Summit, Campus Tours, ARK movement and as such. Being an ambassador has given me plenty of opportunities like writing blogs for the campus, coordinating the ARK movement event with Fei while being assisted by FYE mentors & Ambassadors, getting scholarships, meeting the Deans and President of CCBC, and many more. Being has also an ambassador has  allowed my to be part of the amazing, awesome, swag-ed out FYE mentors and Ambassadors family. Although the title states “My Last Days As An Ambassador” even as I transfer to University of Maryland College Park I will forever be a student life ambassador.

Yeah thats right this is my family

The biggest secret to passing your final exams


The end of the semester is honing in on us and finals are slowly approaching over our heads. Everything you do from now til exam day is critical and time shouldn’t be wasted. Here are a few things you can do for a head start.


1) Start now!  Starting now can give you a head start. Getting a head start can give you time to study on previous material that you didn’t understand so once finals come freak out mode would be kept to a minimum.

2) Ask teachers questions! Have you ever sat in class and had a professor talk about a lesson but you had no idea what he/she were talking about. Well, it is too far in the semester to still have that occur to you. If you don’t understand a concept then ask your professor, the only thing you have to lose is the energy used to move your mouth to ask the question.

3) Youtube! Depending on the professor you have, sometimes your not able to meet with them during their office hours or ask them questions during class. If that is the case then turn to Youtube. There are many teachers/professors from around the world (Khan, Patrick JMT, ect.) that post videos on certain subjects whether it is Bio, Programming, Math, English, Foreign language, or etc. Youtube videos can help you when you don’t have time during your classes but have access to the internet on your free time.

4) Get assignments done! Procrastination is the worst enemy of many college students. Its easy to do an assignment at last minute and go with the flow. However with finals in less than a month away, it is best to stop the Procrastination  and get assignments done so you have more time to study and brush up on old material that has been forgotten.

You try and try and try only to fail. However despite what everyone says you still believe and never give up. Now look at you, your successful now and all this would have be possible if you stopped believing

Hot Hot Hot!!!!

Its seems after coming from Spring Break a heat wave has come to welcome us back. Here are 5 ways to cool off:

1) Hang in the Cafe. Both cafes in the b and f building are nicely cooled with nice comfy seats. Great places for avoiding the sun!

cafe setting

2) Hacky Sack at the Quad. The quad, which is outside the A and J building, my friends and I hacky sack under the shade of trees. Anyone is welcome to join us since they more people the merrier. Plus although your outside, when you hacky sack the feeling of heat goes away.

Hacky Sack

3) Chill under the bridge. There is a nice bench area near the bridge of the b building. The setting is nice and the atmosphere is very relaxing so it is another spot to hang with friends. Plus the tree there provide nice shading!


4) Play volleyball. There is a vollyball net right on the side of the b building. When there is a net on the volleyball area, you are free to play volleyball. Like hacky sacking, playing volleyball can take your mind off the heat and maybe even help you make a friend.


5) The relax in the Library. The second floor of the library is the perfect spot for relaxing or studying. The chairs are nice enough to sleep in, the setting is quiet enough to study in, and the best part is that there is air conditioning. Even if you aren’t studying, this is a good spot to avoid the heat.

Snowy Spring

Yesterday was the snowy day I’ve been waiting for during this whole winter. Not only was I able to not go to my early morning classes but I had extra time to sleep plus make a snowman. This may sound silly but every winter I have a goal to build a snowman and this winter I was a little disappointed because all the snow usually was washed away by the rain. Ironically its was during spring that I was able to make a snowman but I can’t complain because I reached my goal. I like building snowmen some much that I made another one on campus near the b building today! Despite having an early spring break day in the beginning of the week how did you (YES, YOU!) spend your winter day off from classes?

Snow Finn

The snow man I made on the snowday

Its not good but its me snowman

The snowman I made today

The Elephant In The Room

Today Enactus, Multicultural Student Association, and International Student Association were hosting a HIV and AIDS event. There was a HIV and AIDS presentation discussing the misconceptions of HIV and AIDS,  facts, and such. While the presentation was occurring there was a free confidential  HIV and AIDS screening from 12pm – 3pm. HIV and AIDS are never openly discussed despite many people being infected with the virus. As I passed out flyers for the event, since I’m the president of the Multicultural Student Association, people tend to shy away from coming to an event dealing with HIV and AIDS or others would joke about it with friends. There just seems to be such a negative connotation towards anything HIV and AIDS that people rather not even deal with. However, people really need to be educated about HIV and AIDS, because it is a life changing virus that can be avoided if the causes of HIV and AIDS are known. Even as I write this blog there are many people out there who have HIV or AIDS and don’t know it mostly due to the fact that they just aren’t aware of the symptoms or never felt the need to get tested.  If you weren’t at the event you can visit to learn more about HIV and AIDS, there is even a testing center locator on the site if you want to get tested.


HIV and AIDS fact sheet