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August, 2014

I welcome all of you to CCBC’s Fall 2014 semester.  As you have been the ones jockeying for parking spaces or waiting in long lines to register or buy books, I do not need to remind you that another busy year has begun.  It might seem strange, but we at CCBC are happiest when thousands of students fill our hallways and our classrooms.  Although we thrive on the rhythms of serving and supporting our students in the best way possible, there are always a few bumps in the road.  Please have patience while we work out the bugs to get all the right services and supports in place.

I have several pieces of good news to share with you as we launch this semester:

CCBC has worked tirelessly over the past decade to upgrade our 1970’s vintage classrooms and laboratories, and we have made great progress.  This year on the CCBC Essex campus, we will open three new facilities:  a Cyber Security Center, an Art Gallery, and a Performing Arts wing of the Humanities Building.  Equally impressive is the massive construction project on the CCBC Catonsville campus that is turning an old decrepit library into a fabulous new Mathematics and Science Building.  You will be sitting in these new classrooms and laboratories next Fall.

CCBC has also implemented a new Parking Policy. After conducting a series of college-wide forums, the Department of Public Safety proposed the simpler, more equitable process now into effect.  Students no longer need a parking permit (although you should still register your car), and you are free to park in any of the several thousand WHITE spaces in the parking lots. [Please do not park in RED (Faculty Staff) or GREEN Spaces); for that violation, you will be ticketed.] With this new system, far fewer parking tickets will be written, and those that are can be appealed through the college’s Ticket Appeals Board.  However, after 30 days, unpaid tickets will be reported to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA).  The MVA will put a hold put on that driver’s registration until the fine to both CCBC and the MVA is paid.  To start this new system on a fresh footing, we have forgiven all existing parking tickets issued prior to August and released parking holds on registration.  Everyone begins with a clean state!

One other important change will occur on all campuses in October.  Just as the college completed a massive upgrade of its external signage last year, we are implementing an equally massive internal signage transformation this year.  The new system, designed to create a consistent, sensible, and legible college wayfinding system across all campuses, goes into effect on October 21, 2015.  CCBC will now have a consistent, college-wide configuration and numbering system for offices, classrooms, and public spaces for the first time we became one college.

Finally, I share with you the optimism and enthusiasm that always accompanies the start of a new academic year.  We welcome and encourage all of you to embrace the promise of a new semester.  Work hard; do well; and you will feel as buoyant after final exams in December as you do as you began in September.

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