The Creation of the New MASH Building

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Cory Ridgley

CCBC Catonsville

The construction of the new MASH (Mathematics and Science Hall) at the CCBC Catonsville campus is something that has been a work in progress. The new MASH building is being built using the site that used to hold the old library before it was torn down about two years ago. Many students and faculty have been curious since this time as to what will replace the old library, since the new library is already up and running. Questions have finally been answered with the ongoing construction of our new Mathematics and Science Hall.

The new MASH building started phase 1 in April, 2013. The team is 100% funded for this construction and hopes to have furniture and equipment put in by this time next year.

Sam Beeghley is the CCBC project manager for the new MASH building and is 100% involved with the construction of this building.

Once various complications were resolved, the team began selective interior demolition and removal of the surrounding area, which mostly affected student and faculty parking. With the removal of almost 108 parking spaces, the team made sure that when they were finished, they would create up to 138 parking spaces, which works well for the massive population at CCBC.

The project is scheduled to be completed by late July, 2015, but will not be ready for student occupancy by that time. The construction team and management are pushing towards the building being ready for full-time use by fall of 2015.

At this point in the construction, Beeghley said that the team is “roughly 20%” of the way through completion of the building. Beeghley made it a point for the public to know that the team has lost about a week’s worth of work due to bad weather.

The building will be three floors, roughly 90,000 square feet, and is highlighted as being a very environmentally friendly building. The building is designed using a lot of recycled goods, almost 90% LEED, which stands for Leadership Energy Environmental Design. The building will even have a green roof for growing vegetation.

Current CCBC student Ibrahim Omnisore said, “CCBC and the faculty have been making it a huge point to make the school a happier and healthier place for students to learn and teachers to teach. Not many schools seem to focus on that too much and I’m happy to be a part of a school that does.”

The giant tree that hovers outside the building will not be removed, and there will be a planetarium built right next to the tree. The cost of this project will be roughly about $33.8 million when it is complete.

Former CCBC student Adam Mitchell said, “I’m glad to see the school spending money and time on something that will not only benefit the student population, but the faculty and staff as well.”

The new building will have a tremendous impact on the student population and their learning experience. The building will create roomier lab and lecture space, built-in study spaces, tutoring areas, computer work areas that can hold up to 30 occupants and will be fully handicap accessible. The building will even have a lactation room for mothers to breastfeed.

Beeghley said, “Our goals are to make a building that is environmentally friendly to all students and faculty and create a safe and healthy learning and teaching environment for all those at CCBC Catonsville.”

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  1. By tasha, April 7, 2014

    wow a lactation room that’s surprising to hear because there is not a lot of mothers and small children on campus.


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