Saving Your Plastic Bottle Saves Money and the Planet

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By William Price
CCBC Essex

Innovation begins to progress us forward in so many aspects of life. Changing old styles of the way things are done can prove to be beneficial in so many ways. New trends are popping up all over the country that demonstrates new ways of saving and preserving our planet.

If you’re confused as to what is trying to be described; something as common as water fountains are starting to take turns in new ways that seem to be furthering this new trend in environmental consciousness.

Here at CCBC Essex, some of us utilizing the library may understand exactly what I am talking about. Old water fountains are beginning to be replaced by new ones.

Andrew Nugent, a current student at CCBC Essex claims, “It’s a great idea to keep students aware of change that’s happening around us, there are many ways we can help and this is definitely one of them!”

According to, “In 2012, the United States generated almost 14 million tons of plastics as containers and packaging, about 11 million tons as durable goods such as appliances, and almost 7 million tons as nondurable goods, such as plates and cups.”

Not only are these new water fountains dispensing chilled filtered water; they also count how many water bottles are saved with each use. Making recycling even more beneficial, with the idea of using the same water bottle throughout the day, weeks, or however long you wish to continue helping the planet.

These state – of- the- art fountains are not only more appealing to the eye, but allow the user to operate the fountain in a hands-free manor. Motion activated sensors allow one to place their water bottle on top for a clean and efficient pour.

By using these new fountains we start to see exactly what recycling can do, and how productive we are actually being. Throwing your bottles into a recycling bin is of course beneficial as well, but seeing the difference you can make in small ways by using a certain water fountain over another is an important change.

“Imagine if everyone caught onto the idea and it became just another common thing, whereas all water fountains become replaced by these new more efficient machines,” intrigued by the idea Andrew continued to explain how he himself plans to use it more often.

Allowing change and being part of something bigger then we are should be a push everyone should want to make. Simple things such a replacing water fountains, can save thousands of water bottles a year, proven through just a single Elkay Fountain!

In years to come these fountains will begin to pop up everywhere if you haven’t seen them yet. Imagine all that is saved with the process of recycling by simply reusing in a more efficient and honestly, timely matter.

Seeing change and being a part of it is key in the idea for it to actually succeed. With CCBC making changes and wanting to be a part of the bigger picture, everyone now has the opportunity to do their part and utilize the fact that we have an asset that allows us to be that change.

So what’s the harm in walking a little extra to the library in order to help save a water bottle a day? Think about how it can all add up in the end and what a difference you are actually making yourself.

Being that we have just recently acquired this new water fountain, we have already saved hundreds of water bottles that would have taken valuable space in a landfill. Space that is taken and not given back to us, that is filled with trash.

As if we didn’t know recycling wasn’t good enough for us already, we are starting to adapt and overcome to new better ideas that prove to be completely more efficient. Stop by the Essex Library or the gym in Catonsville to try one of these new sustainable water fountains.

*Articles reflect the views of the author and or those quoted and do not necessarily represent the views of CCBC or the CCBC Connection.

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