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CCBC Essex Office of Student Life Clubs and Organizations

The CCBC Essex Student Life Office is committed to providing educational, developmental and social activities that complement the classroom learning experience. The Office of Student Life sponsors a variety of clubs and organizations and hosts events through the academic school year. All clubs, organizations and events are open to all CCBC students.

You can join clubs, get updates, contact leaders and learn about events on campus by joining CollegiateLink. www.ccbcmd.edu/lead all you need is your CCBC login and password to access this site.

Anthropology & Archaeology Club – The purpose of the Anthropology Club is to open minds about the studies of origins and social relationships of humanity through field trips, guest speakers and other educational activities.

Advisor: Nina Brown 443-840-2909

ADIM Art Club at Essex (Art Club) – The Art Club at CCBC Essex takes trips to local museums and schools, organizes arts events, and works to promote the visual arts on campus.

Advisor: Trisha Kyner 443-840-1952

Black Student Union (BSU) – The purpose of the Black Student Union is to share the historical and cultural heritage of African Americans and others of African descent and to promote appreciation for cultural diversity.

Advisors: Jackie Moye 443-840-1669 &/or Ingrid Sabio-McLaughlin 443-840-1483

Business Club – Reinforces the classroom learning experience by providing students with opportunities to better their community through leadership and teamwork.

Advisor: Jennifer Joyner 443-1469

College Programming Board (CPB) – The board is responsible for organizing a wide variety of events and activities for the entire student body. The activities have a broad appeal to a diverse audience.

Advisor: Sakina Ligon 443-840-1963

Environmental Club/Campus Community Garden- We provide activities and events to get students out into the Environment and take action to make the world a healthier, more sustainable place. Advisors: Elizabeth Shrader 443-840-2680 &/or Melissa Wilson 443-840-2639

Essex Christian Fellowship – The Essex Christian Fellowship meets weekly on campus to provide Christian Fellowship, a time for prayer, bible study and to share the love of Christ unconditionally with students, faculty and staff members.

Advisor: Arreal Nelson 443-840-1104

Film Society Club – A club dedicated to cinematography, taking the time to educate members about the mediums and methods used to produce professional quality imagery, works and performances. Advisor: Pete Carver 443-840-1835

Honors Council – The Essex Honors Council aims to enrich the educational experience of the exceptional student and seeks to admit students who have the ability, interest and initiative to be successful in the Honors Program.

Advisor: Rae Rosenthal 443-840-1850

House of Couture – Dedicated to students with minds of fashion; for all members to appreciate fashion as an art form. HOC aims to bring more diversity and creativity while enhancing self-confidence. Advisor: Dr. Taneisha Osborne 443-840-1521

Improv Club – To practice our abilities as improv actors, perform in showcase(s), and our Mission Statement is to let everyone be themselves and enjoy themselves in the organization. Advisor: Kevin Krause 443-840-1723

CCBC Essex Office of Student Life Clubs and Organizations

International Student Association (ISA) – The International Student Association provides opportunities for students to meet and support each other. Advisors: Nellie Pharr-Maletta 443-840-4094 &/or Dina Abkairova 443-840-2946

Multicultural Student Association (MCSA) – Promotes expression of cultural difference through poetry, art, music, dance, storytelling and debates. Advisors: Erika Harris 443-840-1420 &/or Larry Coleman 443-840-1382

Nursing Student Association (NSA) – The Nursing Student Association is open to all first and second year nursing students. The purpose of the organization is to provide an opportunity for student involvement in a professional association.

Advisor: Marianne Eichenberger 443-840-1932

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) – Phi Theta Kappa is an international two year college honor society which accepts into membership all students full or part time, who have achieved grade point average of 3.5 or better after completing at least 12 credits.

Advisor: Sue Fenton 443-840-1918

Philosophy Club – The Philosophy Club presents practical and engaging philosophical activities and college events to engage and enlighten students to the benefits of obtaining and implementing critical thinking and intellectual skills. Advisor: Sarah Morales 443-840-2085

Rainbow Club – The Rainbow Club promotes awareness and understanding of issues affecting Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgender members of the Essex Community and society. Advisors: Morgan Slusher 443-840-1678 &/or Tommy Parlon 443-840-1127

Songwriting Club –  A place for budding song writers to teach and help each other become better songwriters.

Advisor: Brian Comotto 443-840-1589

Student Government Association (SGA) – SGA’s purpose is to provide a voice in the administrative affairs of the college, particularly areas that affect academics and social programming for all students.

Advisor: Sakina Ligon 443-840-1963

Veterans Association- To inform members of the financial and academic benefits afforded to them as veterans at CCBC. The Veterans Association also serves as a platform for members to voice their opinions and seek active change in the community.

Advisor: Jackie Cymek 443-840-2106

Women’s Studies - The Women’s Studies Club exists to raise awareness of and promote change around issues affecting women.

Advisor: Dawn Greeley 443-840-1578

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