CCBC’s Very Own Film Society is Making Mov-ies!

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Bianca Young CCBC Essex

On October 26th, 2013, CCBC’s Film Society hosted an intensive film workshop on the Catonsville campus in room SSRV-100.

Students from all CCBC campuses were invited to attend the workshop, which took place through the weekend and introduced students who were interested in a career in film to the many aspects of filmmaking.

Beth Baunoch, The Film Society’s coordinator and advisor, as well as a CCBC instructor, said, “The students learned about lighting and audio techniques and how to work their way around a movie set.”

Local award winning filmmaker and founder of Absolute Independent Pictures, Michelle Farrell, was invited to share her knowledge and expertise with students at the workshop.

She brought all of her equipment, spending two days with the students,” said Baunoch. <

During the workshop, with the help of Ms. Farrell, students shot, directed and edited a short film.

Being one of the new clubs, introduced to CCBC in 2012, The Film Society’s primary focus is to make films. They also are focused on gaining the involvement of students.

Baunoch said, “We want to educate about the process of making films, the business of films, as well as help with internships and networking.”

The Film Society is still unknown to many students, especially ones that do not attend the Catonsville campus. They hope to expand the number of members in the future.

“The Film Society is simply about students who love and want to make films,” said Baunoch.

Meeting on a weekly basis, that’s exactly what they do. The club meets every Tuesday afternoon from 3p.m to 6p.m in room HTEC 308, on the Catonsville campus.

According to the CCBC Film Society’s Facebook page, “The society allows student directors, writers, editors, the opportunity to create and discuss films in a productive and supportive environment.”

The club is planning a major event for CCBC in 2014.

“We are hosting a campus wide film festival in May,” said Baunouch.

The Film Society is now accepting film submissions to be a part of next year’s festival.

The Society is always accepting new members, and encourages interested students to join one of the weekly meetings.

In the future, the Film Society plans to host more workshops with different professionals from the field, giving students the opportunity to experience all of the different aspects of filmmaking.

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