Work Hard, Play Hard, or Work Harder?

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Spring Break Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds and Sky

William Price
CCBC Essex

Most people seem to dread a long hard winter, being stuck in a time where we begin to dwell on the idea of winter never leaving, and never seeing those warmer beautiful days here in Maryland. It seems as this year just won’t give in and allow the sunny days to be upon us.  Being a student the burden seems to become more surreal, as work is progressively getting harder throughout the remaining portion of the semester.

Regardless of how it is spent, it becomes evident more and more at this time of year that spring break couldn’t come at a more perfect time.

Whether just simply relaxing and doing nothing or going out and making money by taking on longer hours, the time is well needed.

According to an average of 1.5 million students spend spring break in various destinations spending more than a billion dollars. Although, some college students find it more satisfying to give back, potentially restraining themselves from anything that could commonly go wrong on a spring break trip. It is said 10,000 plus students engage in volunteer work with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity.

Abbas Elzein, a CCBC Essex Student explained, “I plan on going to Cancun for Spring break, I would rather go on vacation because I have plenty of time in life to make money and relax.” Abbas will be one of the 100,000 plus students down in the popular destination of Cancun, Mexico.

Although you may think Cancun or areas in the region would be ranked as the number one spring break place to travel, you were wrong. Daytona Beach, Florida remains the number one destination for not only students, but people of all ages alike.

With work constantly being pilled up, and deadlines being conveniently placed on the first couple days back from the break, some students find it more satisfying and are content with the idea of relaxing at home, and maybe doing a little schoolwork here and there. Taking the time to mentally recover from the stressful first couple weeks of the semester.

Over this spring break I don’t plan on going anywhere fancy like the tropics or jungles. I’m going to stay home and relax and have some mental wellness days,” sophomore Connor Covell said. “Over spring break I would rather have a perfect combination of relaxation and work. I say that because if I’m not financially secure I wont be truly relaxed. I’m just going to hang with some friends, work some, catch on much needed sleep.”  Not only does school work seem to be in the picture, but also the opportunity to make a little bit of money.

As most of us students are of the age where we begin to see and understand the reality of how our lives are about to drastically change. This is the time in life where we have to make a living for ourselves and take on new responsibilities. All of this becomes more apparent when deciding what to do for a week long break.

Parker Greene, a sophomore at CCBC Essex explained how he still remains on the fence on what he should be doing during his spring break. With obligations to save money and split rent with his roommates, Parker began to further endorse the fact he isn’t just about working, making money, and performing well in school.

The simple reminder that we do actually have to grow up at some point becomes a harsh reality. “I feel obligated to go out and do something because I’m not going to be twenty my whole damn life, Honestly I’ve been considering a trip to a couple colleges and in up in Canada for the hockey playoffs in Montréal because I have two weeks but it does all come down to money…”

Being a student, the challenges can be similar to an adult with a full-time job. Given the workload, Spring break becomes a dire necessity. Whether it is an opportunity to make money, study, or take a little vacation, the time spent cannot be taken for granted.

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