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Being a full time college student comes with many challenges. These dilemmas vary from person to person as everyone has different responsibilities while attending school (especially a community college such as CCBC).  Some students have part or full time jobs, others have children to take care of, and some deal with long bus rides and car pools just to make it to class on time.

With so much to deal with outside of school, how are students expected to handle the classroom work to get the grades they need to further their life aspirations?

A new CCBC Syllabus policy states that, “students are expected to complete at least 6 hours of work per week outside of the class, including reading, class preparation, homework, etc. for a standard 3 credit course.”  This entails that a student taking 15 credits in a semester in expected to spend 30hrs a week studying outside of class at a minimum.  How students can find the time for this, plus classroom time, and the other outside obligations they maintain is astonishing.

Long time CCBC student Mott Connell said that the requirements seem ridiculous and that no student actually has the time to spend that many hours just on studying.

Another CCBC student, Raquel Bailon said that the amount of outside work she does for school really depends on the class;  saying that more difficult classes need more time, while others can be taken more lightly.

Not agreeing with what CCBC says is the “standard” seems to be the general consensus among many students asked in preparation for this article.  Not one of the students interviewed spend anywhere near that much time in their studies.

Connell also said, he spends “Maybe 12-15hrs” on outside work, and laughed when I said he was expected to spend at least 30 according to the college he attends.

Bailon suggested that when an assignment is given she spends most of her time getting that done rather than studying for the course, usually thinking about it periodically throughout the week and cramming to get it done the day before it is due.

When asked about his habits in assignment completion, Connell said he usually gets started a full week in advance and works on it throughout the week, finishing one or two days before the due date.

When it comes to college courses, it is widely known that some classes are ‘harder’ than others, usually requiring more of your time and effort.  The guidelines for studying that CCBC gives appear to air on the side of caution in order to give students the best advice for success.  However, according to students there isn’t a perfect amount of time or a perfect method of getting work done outside of class. Successful study techniques vary from student to student depending on the difficulty of the class and its structure.



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