Pancakes & Pajama Event Success At Essex

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Ira Freed

CCBC Essex

On Friday, March 28, The Student Government Association (SGA) held their Pancakes and Pajamas Event at the College Community Center on the Essex Campus. However, this was not just another “run of the mill” event. In fact, this event was not only to bring the campus’ community together, but was more to help students learn more about CCBC, the SGA officers, and what opportunities are available to students through the SGA, Student Life, and Multicultural Affairs, just to mention a few.

Upon my arrival at the event that started at 8:30a.m on Friday morning, the smell of pancakes permeated the air in the Community Center which seemed to have a luring effect on anyone entering the building. Mikhal Wyatt, presently a student at CCBC Essex, and President of the Student Government Association greeted me whole-heartedly, offered me pancakes, and handed me a trivia quiz which included questions about CCBC, as well as trivia about the college’s sports teams and so on. The more questions you answered correctly, you were then given a raffle ticket for each proper response to the questions asked on the quiz which would allow you to receive a prize at the recent Town Hall Meeting that took place at 12:30 p.m. on Monday, March 31 2014 in the Administration Building, in room 137 (Lecture Hall).

After speaking with students that had attended the Pancakes and Pajama event, it was discovered that they all were not just there for the pancakes or for opportunities to win prizes. Adrian Bannard-Hall stated, “I wanted to get more involved. I’m in the Honors Program, and wanted to attend an SGA event, and wanted to help promote and support the campus community.”

Some students were just there for the pancakes, but the whole idea of the event was to bring students together to inform them about future activities at the college.

Mosunmola Ibrahim, a student at CCBC Essex noted, “Student Life does a good job of having and promoting different events to keep people connected, and that’s important.”

I had the opportunity to sit down with Mikhal Wyatt, student and President of the Student Government Association to find out, “What does the SGA attempt to accomplish with events like these?”

He stated, “We aim to create awareness about CCBC’s activities, SGA activities along with potential events that will help students to receive better opportunities, and to enhance their experiences here at CCBC Essex as well as the other campuses. This event was to mainly promote the upcoming Town Hall meeting. The quizzes we provided to attendees to this event were to assist students in knowing more about student life, and more about their school. The Town Hall meeting is important to all of us including both students and faculty partly because students can give their input at the meeting. There were a wide range of topics discussed including; Collegiate link, which is similar to Facebook but meant to be used by college students to keep up with various clubs and activities at CCBC. Other topics included extended time that the shuttle bus will run from campus to campus enabling students to get around easier at later times of the day.”

On the bus shuttle topic Mr. Wyatt clearly stated that, “We want to try to extend those hours so we can accommodate people who stay later, have later meetings, as well as classes; we want to provide students with the resources they need to be successful.”

The extension of cafeteria hours was also a topic of interest at the meeting. If you are a student or a faculty member interested in joining or assisting with SGA stop by the office in COMM 122b Essex.

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