Is Ray Rice Down for the Count as a Raven?

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Ray Rice, Rayven Rice, Janay Palmer (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File)

Moe Watson

CCBC Catonsville

Ravens running back Ray Rice is definitely in the spotlight in the athletic world, but not in a positive way.

Last month, Rice was involved in a physical altercation in the Revel Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey on a Friday Night. The altercation also involves his fiancée, Janay Palmer. The couple was arrested for minor simple assault. Police also had video evidence of Rice dragging Palmer out of the elevator unconsciously that same night.

Sources from said that Head coach John Harbaugh had talked to Rice about the incident.  Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome was very vocal about the 3 time Pro-Bowl running back. Mr. Newsome hasn’t had much conversation with Rice about what had transpired in Atlantic City but will definitely get to the bottom of the situation as soon as possible. The question is what events lead up to Palmer getting knocked out cold?

As of right now, no one is sure of what actually happened and probably won’t know for a while. Rice, coming of the worst year of his NFL career since his rookie season back in 2008, has yet to comment about the incident. Ms. Palmer has also kept quiet about the violent encounter. It is certain that the couple is currently receiving counseling and is trying to do better.

Also keep in mind that the engaged couple also have a daughter together so you have to wonder, how does this affect the young child? Some of Rice’s teammates have spoken out about their teammate. “It’s definitely a situation that it’s nothing to be proud of for us or for him. He knows that,” teammate Torrey Smith told the Baltimore Sun.

I do feel like what Rice did was wrong and just not cool at all. I will always be a Raven fan but at the same time, I can’t support someone who abuses women.

Throughout his tenure with the Ravens, Rice had done a few charitable events like feeding the homeless and having an anti-bullying event for troubled children within the Baltimore Community. You would think that with all the good he has done over the last few years, Rice would be a model citizen but after what just happened, you don’t know if we really see Ray Rice for what he really is. The whole Ravens nation is stunned about Mr. Rice’s actions and will not forget it for a while.

The Majority of these professional athletes are pressured to have a squeaky clean image because they are put on this pedestal. Rice has such a huge fan base with the younger generation. With the younger fans loving Rice for what he does, he would be the perfect role model. This isn’t the first time that a professional athlete has been involved with in a domestic violence dispute. A large number of today’s athletes are often in trouble because of either domestic violence or substance abuse.

Who knows what the future has in store for Rice. Also keep in mind that the Ravens will now keep a close eye on Rice because of his recent encounter. Considering Rice now may not be the franchise player we all thought he was, could this be the end of his time as a Raven? We shall find out sooner or later.

Maybe Rice had somewhat of a justified reason for his actions. Hopefully Rice has learned a valuable lesson because everything you do can always be counted against you no matter how good you are on and off the football field.

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