CCBC Students Are Talking About Serious Issues on Parking

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A visitor was ticketed while visiting one CCBC Campus near the K building in the parking lot, after a student was passing by and informed the visitor that it was ok to park, because she was not a student. A citation was left on the visitor’s car, a ticket for $35 which the visitor held in her hand while a group of students walking by inquired why she was ticketed. The women stated, “This should not be allowed because students are struggling just to pay their bills and tuition just to go to school. Is this the price they have to pay?” The students said they all agreed, while giving the woman directions to the campus patrol office.

The visitor, who is unknown, was advised to go to the campus patrol office to see if she could have the citation waived. They said the visitor appeared very upset and said she did not see the sign, that was written “faculty only parking” because the sign was turned towards the outside of the street and not the parking lot.

Many students have said, “they were ticketed unfairly and there should be several warnings before anyone is ticketed on a college campus.” Bernice Cole a student of CCBC stated by saying, ”CCBC patrol officers are only doing their job and that many of them really are empathetic towards the students, but still give out the tickets anyway.”

Several students who were interviewed with a handicap tag said, “There are not many parking spaces for handicapped students and they are always late for class, because there are no spaces available. “Students are complaining that the faculty and staff have too many parking sections and places throughout the campus and should be limited to 1-2 parking areas only, since they have time to get to class and can be late without any penalties. The majority of the students that were questioned about this, said they feel the same way, “All parking lots that surround most of the buildings are designated entirely for the teachers and staff.”

Students seem to feel that faculty and teachers should be required to walk the distance since they are considered employees and the student are the patrons.

A new student to CCBC who cared not to give her name said, she also came from a different area in the parking lot near the K building and did not know she could not park in the red section, and this was her first time ever parking illegally and was ticketed and had to pay $35. She also indicated that the sign was turned towards the front of the K building and she did not see the sign that said “faculty only.”

This was the same concern of the visitor who was ticketed, due to misinformation given by a student who said it was ok to park in this area. Some students stated that they feel this is a way that CCBC makes a profit and pay their faculty on the backs of the students who pay the salary of the faculty who are getting the perks, while the students feel they are getting only the short end of the stick. One student screamed out and said, “The campus patrol officers are really not the people we should be mad with. It’s the school board we should address these issues to.”             Students are frustrated and angry about the limited parking spaces and are upset when they are given citations and have to pay money that they do not have. Several students feel that the parking rules and regulations may need to be looked at more carefully, since many of the signs are turned down and improperly situated for students to see in all directions. They also feel that CCBC seems to assume that all students know where they can or can not park.

It appears that the major concern is whether students are aware of the parking restrictions and the fact that many of the parking lots signs are not located properly for people to see.

Many students are concerned about the parking violations they are getting and feel they should get 1-2 warning violations before they are ticketed or have to pay any fines. If so many students are saying the same thing, and the same issues are coming up over and over again, should the faculty of CCBC start looking at other alternatives and make some adjustments to allow other spaces to be used for students instead of having every parking lot in all area just for them? Only time will tell.

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