Dundalk SGA Announces New President

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Danny King CCBC Dundalk

The Dundalk Student Government Association has a new president: Jennifer Nebinger, who previously served as SGA chief of staff.  The SGA is reinventing itself as other leaders from last year are taking on new roles and new faces are joining the SGA slate of leaders that were announced Sept. 20. Other changes include:

George Wisniewski replaces Nebinger as Chief of Staff.

Shawn Gray will be Dundalk’s new SGA secretary.

Former SGA President Danny King will serve as one of the association’s two delegates.  There is still one position open as a delegate.

The SGA serves as the voice of the student body, but that is not its only role. The association acts as the face of our students to our district’s congressman, U.S. Senators, state senators and delegates.

The SGA also seeks solutions to many of the problems that concern students, and it gives real world leadership experience for those wishing to go into a form of diplomacy.

Over the past few years the SGA at Dundalk campus has given help to the campus in many ways. The student government saw that some students were in need of more than financial aid, so they opened up a pantry for students to come and get food free of charge.

The SGA also has helped ensure funding for CCBC each year by going to Annapolis and sitting down with state elected officials.

Moreover, the Dundalk SGA has launched a happiness campaign and played a decisive role in launching the CCBC shuttle that goes from campus to campus. Our SGA coordinated with the two other campuses, using our own funding to get that off the ground.

The SGA needs you. It is now under new management, with a bunch of new faces looking over the affairs of students. This may seem like business as usual, but it’s good news for you. You can be the one who stands up for the college and bridges the gap between faculty and students. You can be the voice of the student body

Information on becoming part of SGA is located in the College Community Center room 221(Dundalk). Every person has a fire inside of themselves to make a difference, let the Student Government be your spark.

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