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Anna Stephens

CCBC Essex

After numerous months of construction on the Arts and Humanities Hall, Essex students can expect an upgraded building at the start of the fall semester.

The expansion to the AHUM building is not only for the benefit of the performing arts, but the building will be adding more classroom and office space, along with practice rooms for musicians, rehearsal room primarily for music and some acting, and the schools first art gallery.

Construction started on the AHUM building back in mid November starting with the kick off meeting. Students were in for a surprise after returning from Thanksgiving break when they were no longer allowed to enter the AHUM building from the breezeway off the walkway from the college community center.

“It’s been a challenge”, Jaime Alvarez campus director said about the project. “Everyone has to be conscious of one another. If there are things going on in the building that construction might affect, we have to work with the folks in the building to make them aware of what is going to happen.”

While talking with Alvarez, he explained that music forums happen on Friday afternoons, so they tell construction they can’t be jackhammering to mess that up.

On the flip side of that, Alvarez has to let the campus community know that construction will be bringing in a flatbread truck with big sections of the building to put in place. Letting people know to come a little early, or avoid that area for the day.

With the construction happening during the school year, Alvarez and the campus staff have done their best to accommodate students and staff while construction is being built. Whether that is paving a path on the north side of the building for easier access, or by being in constant communication with the head of construction the staff seems to be doing anything they can to make life easier for Essex students.

This project has been in the making for many years and CCBC finally got the funding for it. The campus hoped to have the renovated building completed by August, but with the bizarre winter that just occurred, they are hoping for a September completion.

The delayed completion of the construction has had an affect on class scheduling, and spaces available, but many people are looking forward to the completion of this project.

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