CCBC Talks Dundalk Renovations, Building Renaming, Diversity at SGA Town Hall

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The CCBC Administration reported March 20 on plans for renaming buildings at the Dundalk campus this summer and for renovating Building A, which provides student services.  Officials also reaffirmed support for diversity at the Student Government Association (SGA) Town Hall Meeting, which took place at the Dundalk campus.

Dundalk Campus Director Tanya Jones said CCBC will begin this summer.  The new names will be based on the building’s function, and will replace the letters, which currently identify each building.  For example, after renaming, A Building will likely be called the Student Services Building; E Building will likely be called Mathematics & Science, and other names will follow the same pattern, Jones said.  CCBC will launch a campaign to inform students of the changes, she added.

The building renaming project has been in the works for several years, according to CCBC officials.

Jones also reported on renovations to Building A, set to begin sometime in April, pending Baltimore County permit approvals.  The construction will affect also Building K and is expected to take five to six months, she added.

In A Building, the Administration plans to create a “one stop” service center for new students that will offer advising, testing and registration in one place, Jones reported.  To accomplish this, the current Room 206 suite will be transformed into six new offices, including ones for Multicultural Affairs, Judicial Affairs, Enrollment Services, and two faculty offices, she said.  The new layout further will relocate the Veterans Center to K Building, where multicultural affairs is now located, Jones added.

While renovations are ongoing, the estimated 30 people displaced during the process will relocated to interim office locations in parts of the K Building, including space in the student lounge used for student functions, Jones said.  However, parts of the K Building Art Gallery temporarily will be made available for student functions, she added.

In recognition of “Civility Day,” CCBC President Sandra Kurtinitis talked about CCBC’s commitment to promoting respect for diversity.  She noted CCBC has a tactical diversity plan that “treasures, celebrates and values diversity” and discussed the steps the community takes to honor differences in gender, age, religion, nationality and other qualities. 

She said an ongoing challenge is respecting diversity with regard to opinion, saying, “How do we appreciate, respect and interact with those we disagree with?”  She noted “tolerance, respect, intelligence” and the ability “to relate to another point of view” are qualities that the college strives to encourage in interactions among members of the CCBC community.

She cited the 2012 debate over CCBC going smokeless, in which many different points of view were asserted—both pro- and anti-smoking–as an example of CCBC’s ability to deal with controversies in a way that was tolerant of diversity.

Kurtinitis also spoke about CCBC students visiting the state legislature in Annapolis on Feb. 6, when 15 students from all campuses visited state delegates and senators. Essex Student Pebbles Armwood spoke for CCBC. The CCBC president said the students were able to change the minds of some Maryland legislators who had been opposed to maintaining funding for community colleges. Demonstrating “the power of student interaction at the legislative level,’’ Kurtinitis said.

SGA Town Hall Meetings are open to the CCBC community, and are held on each campus during the semester.  More information, including a link to e-mail the SGA,  is available at:

The CCBC Dundalk SGA is sponsored by the Office of Student Life, CCBC Dundalk K-Bldg., room 221, 443-840-3350.

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