CCBC Makes Room for New Cafeteria

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Andrew Palumbo CCBC Essex

This fall CCBC Essex has opened their doors to two new popular fast-food franchises: Subway and Chester’s Chicken.

Since the new renovation to the campus’ cafeteria, there have been mixed feelings about the new addition.

“I love the new cafeteria, and I love Subway,” said CCBC student, Unique Falcon. “I think there is a better variety, so overall it’s great.”

Subway serves customers in-and-out of a style similar to an assembly line that includes a variety of made on the spot submarine sandwiches, including different deli meats, cheeses, baked bread and a fixing of fresh vegetables of your choice. You can also make that a combo with chips and a drink for the extra buck if you prefer.

Chester’s Chicken is headquartered in the state of Alabama, serving up southern style fried chicken dishes with a budget in mind. Chester’s options include fried drumsticks and chicken wings and boneless chicken tenders. Their signature chicken biscuits are sold at any time during the day. Mashed potatoes and gravy, baked beans, and potato wedges can be included on the side. They also display a 6 different combo meal option so you can order up a custom made chicken box.

The choices in the old cafeteria included a stand that sold mainly breakfast sandwiches in the morning and burgers and fries in the evening. This is where Chester’s stands now. The newly installed Subway used to be a popular pizza joint for the cafeteria. The old cafeteria also had pre-made sandwiches and salads to choose from.

“I’m very upset the pizza went away,” Head of Essex Library Erika Hodge Harris said after purchasing some food from Subway. “I do like that it’s a reasonable price but the snack options are gone and I didn’t expect that.”

Subway premiered in Milford, Connecticut in 1965 by CEO and current owner Fred Deluca. Subway is America’s second highest fast-food chain (McDonalds still remaining at the number one position with 14,000 locations). Over 40,000 Subway locations are open globally and 24,000 locations are stretched across The United States. Chester’s Chicken has 1,800 locations in the country.

It was possible to purchase a cup of coffee in the old cafeteria, but now students and faculty must walk over to the Cyber Café in the Mathematics and Science Building, located on the other side of campus. The Cyber Café sells baked goods like muffins and pastries.

The two restaurants are divided between two lines, with one for Subway and one for Chester’s. Knowing the right one to stand in could be a guess for some people.

 “I think the service could be just a little smoother, said CCBC student Corey Bethea. “We’re going in between classes and sometimes there’s a hold up in terms of placing your order and eating your food, but I still think it’s good.”

The new cafeteria is located upstairs in the College Community Center Building, above the theatre and bookstore.

Subway has grossed $10 billion dollars in sales since last year.

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