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Lindsay Pisanic

CCBC Catonsville

This spring, Joshua Ackerman, a current history professor at CCBC, started a new class on the Catonsville campus called, “History of Manliness.”  This class is a three-credit course and will fulfill an elective requirement. It is a very diverse class and encompasses a wide range of majors and backgrounds.

With snow still falling, it is hard to believe that time of year is here again: to sign up for fall classes! Every student always wants at least one fun class taught by a teacher who makes the class interesting.  Hopefully, this article will encourage you to register for this new class.

“Each lesson surrounds a selected male figure from history,” Ackerman stated.  “Students, in a discussion based setting, evaluate the life of this individual, not only in a historical context, but in a modern context as well. Then students extract a practical lesson or perhaps a virtue, which derives from the lesson. The objective of the course is to provide a deeper understanding of historical figures and eventually to apply some of these lessons to their existence today.”

Ackerman has spent over a year doing research to prepare the curriculum for this class.  According to Ackerman, he decided to teach a class like this because he wanted the “ability to personalize history.”  He also added “students have found that the models we study are relevant to their lives today.”

CCBC student, Patrick Lloyd, a general studies major, is taking the class this semester.  He enjoys the class very much, and actually more than he expected.  When asked if he would recommend this class to someone, he exclaimed, “Yes, hands down!”

“The discussion is not airless, the academic material highly influences the discourse, but in a relatable and interpretive way so that all feel welcome to add to the conversation,” Lloyd said.  “A condensed classical education without the dread of memorization and examination.  Students can truly offer up their ideas on some of the most important writings and philosophical discoveries in history.”

Another CCBC student, Talia Elstein, a psychology major, shares the same view as Lloyd with regard to the class. “I love this class- everyday is a new adventure, every class is a new perspective, a new lesson in life and in the ‘search for manhood,’ ” Elstein explained. “I know that I need to come to class with an open mind, knowing my brain and mindset will be twisted to see new lights and knowing that my values and beliefs will be questioned and doubted, hopefully (and usually) result in strengthened values.”

On the other hand, when Elstein was asked if she would recommend this class to someone, she said that “it really depends; this is not a class for the weak and it is not a class for the lazy.  The class is full of non-stop thinking, writing, homework, reading, essays, and assessment.”

Elstein also mentioned that, “Professor Ackerman is extremely relatable, and has a relaxed personality.  Yet, I have such a great awe for him [and] his teaching, and I have learned so much from him and his class.  To be honest, as much as I am not fond of history class, I sort of wish I needed a history class so I could take another class by Professor Ackerman.”

After interviewing multiple students who are currently in Professor Ackerman’s class, they seem to enjoy him as a teacher as well as the material taught.

Be sure to check out Professor Ackerman’s course entitled “History of Manliness.” Class registration begins on April 28th.

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