Fall 2019 Dundalk Club List - Welcome Back!

CCBC Dundalk – Clubs and Organizations

Dundalk Christian Fellowship
The Dundalk Christian Fellowship exists to be a non-denominational Christian club on campus that focuses on       academic, spiritual and moral support through bible study, prayer, evangelism and fellowship. Contact Lori Meehan  at Lmeehan@ccbcmd.edu 443-840-3782    Find us on Facebook:  Dundalk Christian Fellowship – CCBC

Counseling Cadets
The Counseling Cadets is an organization that addresses mental health and addiction by increasing awareness, removing stigma, promoting holistic health, and providing a forum for students to speak about behavioral health.   This is not a therapy group, but an organization for students interested in careers in counseling.

Gay Straight Alliance
The Gay Straight Alliance partners students, staff, and faculty who support LGBT issues at CCBC and in the         community.  Being a member of the Gay Straight Alliance allows opportunity for fellowship, leadership and activism within the group and with other college/community organizations.

Multicultural Student Association (MCSA)
The Multicultural Student Association provides students of every race and ethnic heritage, gender, religion, ability  and sexual orientation with the opportunity to learn and experience each other’s culture.

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)
Phi Theta Kappa is the International Honor Society of the Two-Year College.  Members are afforded opportunities  for  scholarships, leadership development, intellectual enrichment, and personal development through programming based on Phi Theta Kappa's Hallmarks of Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Fellowship.  Contacts: Linda Gronberg-Quinn at Lgronberg@ccbcmd.edu  443-840-3139 or Crissy Fabiszak at cfabiszak@ccbcmd.edu 443-840-3660.  PTK Office COMM 206  Find us on Facebook: Phi Theta Kappa Beta Alpha Tau

Practical Nursing Student Association
The Practical Nursing organization is comprised of students who are currently enrolled in the practical nursing       program or are interested in practical nursing.

Student Government Association (SGA)
The Student Government Association compliments and contributes to the intellectual development of students.  All students at CCBC are members of the SGA and may participate in varying degrees.  The SGA advocates for students regarding policies and regulations that affect students’ collegiate experiences.

Student Honors Council
The Student Honors Council contributes to cultural, education and philanthropic endeavors on and off campus  through transfer visits, social events and learning opportunities.

Student Veteran’s Association
The Student Veteran’s Association assists fellow student veterans with their transition onto campus and to achieve success with their academic goals.

Teachers Of Tomorrow
The Teachers Of Tomorrow provides students with the opportunity to experience interactions with children and to teach the community the importance of teachers.

If you would like club information or to join a club, please come into the Student Life Office (COMM 204) and fill out a club interest form.

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